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Bicycle and Tank

Велосипед и танк.
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Похоже на помесь Т-39 и японских супертанков. Плюс фронтальная башенка изъятая у М3 с какой-то мортиркой?

Как говориться, если мосты, туннели и бюджет позволяют, то почему бы и нет?:D

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This looks for some reason both happy and sad. Probably thanks to their wonderful sweetheart love, right next to a machine of death. Very wonderfully done.

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Whoa, now that tank looks heavy! OMG  Why doesn't it sink into the ground? Wink/Razz 
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It's a medium tank called the Matilda and it depends on the weight of the vehicle.
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Как раз таки напоминает модель танка Т-35 или же шуточную модель КВ-5 ^.=.^
a very touching moment.
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It looks a little bit like a T-35 with those smaller turrets both in front of and behind the big turret.
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looks like Japanise heavy tank from fantasy game WoT
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Is that a T-35?
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No. It's a compilation of different tanks, including T-35
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главный калибр Б-4 явно.omfg 
У вас прекрасные работы! ) Вызывают тёплые чувства )) фантастика в советском стиле просто супер! И не только она! :)
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Excellently done. Great study of contrasts.
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You have a beautifully crafted drawing style.
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ooooo so nice
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Im a Tanker in the Army and this is great art! I wish I could get this as a poster.
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Хехе. Занимайтесь любовью, а не войной.
Lol. Make love not war.
Awesome picture
Это Т-35 !
It's T-35 !
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