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April 1, 2013
Arrival in Utopia by ~Lipatov
Featured by STelari
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Arrival in Utopia

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Of all the retro-futurist science fiction sub genres, dieselpunk is surely the most pulp.

Gutabloth's avatar
Love this.  I want to see the movie where this is the opening scene. Of course the plot revolves around what's in the case she's carrying...
PujiWocos's avatar
My new desktop background!!
A much more subtle approach.
934ndL's avatar
This is a really great picture. I'm writing a Dieselpunk story at the Moment, and when I imagine the train stations and the people in this world, they pretty much look like this!
ElleMorte's avatar
Hello Lipatov.
May I order this print in a bigger size please?  This website won't allow a size choice.
Thank you.
gdpr-41489922's avatar
This is wonderful! I use it as desktop wallpaper. Clap 
WildernessExplor3r's avatar
This is really good. I love the emphasizing on the woman, it gives the image a sense of mystery.
Synthwave-Shark's avatar
Wow this is cool and I think this looks like it's all done in pen idk top notch anyways
HewieStolarz's avatar
It's Dagny Taggart with a violin.
cullyferg2010's avatar
Love the penwork and shading.  Is the moll in the foreground a hit lady?  The look, the violin case, and the cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth suggests that.  Also the snap-brim fedora, the pinstripe business dress suit, and trench coat adds to the setting.  
Sketchosoph's avatar
This piece is outstanding: Amazing penmanship.
on a down town train !! i love trains 
Brandoch-Daha's avatar
I miss seeing good pen and ink work.  Good job!
Di5co3000's avatar
Saw your work ages ago on concept ships. Love the retro futuristic look you have! Kudos dude...!
FairyLife's avatar
Your artwork was featured here:
Artemio-1973's avatar
Хорошо... Определенно хорошо!!!
One hour until noon.
How much trouble can one viola case carry?
Как всегда супер! :)
BiggyGirlsLover's avatar
It's so great! Am I allowed to colorize it and put in a different character?
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