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Age of Aenya
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© 2013 - 2019 Lipatov
Commission by Nick Alimonos [link]
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Comments (47)
Michael47's avatar
It is a beautiful scene that tells a story. If I saw this on the cover of a book I'd have to buy it.
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Amazing, sexy and cool art work, well done.
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Ludwig1920|Student General Artist
Nice made !
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cullyferg2010's avatar
Looks like a setting for Atlantis or Lemuria.
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Magnificent.  It puts me in mind of an old-school Sword & Sorcery cover.  (Which I suppose it is.)  Some people, not totally unreasonably, would find a woman warrior going into battle naked to be sexist.  (Although this would avoid the problem of cloth fragments getting embedded in wounds.)   Or indeed the practicality of a long braid in battle.  But darn it!  To me the central figure, while as sexy as hell, also comes across as strong, proud, confident and athletic.  And the whole picture speaks of magic, mystery and adventures to come. 
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LJ-ATCTION-360's avatar
Amazing work:happybounce: 
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a whole world to explore
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Promet-he-us| General Artist
I love this age, and the girls therein. Wonderful line art, fantastic colour. And a hand for female and other shapes. Great work!

Thank you for sharing!

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oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Well done, great perspective and I really enjoy the shading and light highlighting her musculature
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Centurion6755's avatar
The detail in the city is amazing.  This is like something that crawled out of Robert Howard's brain and jumped, fully-formed, onto the page.
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Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Hunter-Wolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing .. really love the colors and the composition of the picture .. also really like the contrast between the female warrior's curvy toned body and the city's straight lined architecture .. fantastic work ;)
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CMVreud's avatar
Most of the reviews don't mean the city.
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Willpagan's avatar
This is a very beautiful picture.
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Very nice picture
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kvjs1986's avatar
Ultimate view of city...
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vampeer1|Student Traditional Artist
very nice:)
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Great Work...Highly Imaginative!
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AGEOFAENYA|Professional Writer
I have to hand it to you again, Alexey, you've outdone yourself here. When I first envisioned this image for the cover of my book, I was almost embarrassed to ask you to do it. I thought, 'He'll never do it; it's too much work!' Cities? Robot statues? Moons? But you not only rose to the challenge, you you surpassed it. Most artists give me the bare minimum, but you give me more than I ask for. The pterodactyls are a nice touch I hadn't thought of, but they definitely add to the sense of other-worldliness that is Aenya.

Just a few things: I love Thelana. You really seem to understand the character. Yes, she doesn't wear clothes, and yes she's sexy, but she is also meant to be natural and realistic, someone you can believe in. She is a character, not a pinup girl, not a silly warrior vixen with ridiculous proportions. Her physique is drawn straight from the story. The Ilmarin people have very little to eat. Starvation drives her from her home. Naturally, she would be slender. At the same time, the muscle tone suggests she can take care of herself in the deep jungles of Aenya where predators lurk. The tattooing and the braid add a touch of culture. A naked girl, after all, is generic---but you know you can identify Thelana by her distinctive braid and henna patterns. I know that a lot of this stuff came from my own head, but you'd be surprised how difficult it's been communicating these ideas with artists. You've done a fine job here and I look forward to working with you again.

From the author,
Nick Alimonos
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I like it, very greco-roman
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