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24 Light Years from Home.

My homage to the old Soviet sci-fi movies (like "Moscow - Cassiopeia " and "Teens in the Universe").
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the picture tells a story! Amazing work!

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Эх, все бы иллюстрации такими были!..

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Beautiful, reminds me of Nausicaa

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quite wonderful concept and nice depicted too
You have a lot of wonderfully creative and clever pictures
Good evening or good morning as it might be there.
I 've been watching your space for a bit. I now have time to sort of slow down and enjoy it especially your diesel punk. 

I'm the art editor for We present a different artist every mont  showing 4 to 6 different pieces with a bio and links and copyright notices. I would like to present yours  for next February or March 2017 if you allow us.

I like to show a wide variety of styles from classical to abstract. Drawing to painting and digital. You've got some good and very interesting pieces including the retro stuff. 

We can write and discuss this if you would at my email My Bio is on the Quantum Muse website if you care to check me out.

Thanks for your time and I do hope to hear from you.

Rick tornello
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Teens in the Universe?
This is pretty good. Sort of reminds me of Gilligan's Island, Lost in Space and the Robinson Caruso all in one.

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youre gallery is incredible
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great imagination 
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really love it youre skill inspire me
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Blue Lagoon in Space
"Восток", ну конечно же 13
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Больше всего похоже на фильмы Рене Лалу.
here's hoping they get rescued by good guys.

an excellent both the people and the flora & fauna - lots of neat details.
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I absolutely love this drawing!
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Should have made that left turn at Albuquerque.
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How to tell a story in one picture.
This is my new desktop...
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I would like to see more of these two people
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This actually reminded me of Star Wars when Luke went in search of Yoda.
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