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[Oct 26] Howl On The Winters Gale

My magnum opus for the Halloween Advent. Sorry this was two days late I REALLY wanted to perfect his design. And honestly he came out better than I originally anticipated. So much so that I got strongarmed when claiming it, since no one bought the slot and it's been open for two months. But if you love it, you need it! Other designs for the Advent are still on sale too! = D

:iconselkicas: :iconbelesetta:
Howl of the Winter Gale

Abandoned in the most extreme of environments drives one to the edge. The innocence of youth shattered when too many brushes with death causes a boundary to be crossed. Eat or be eaten is the way of the wild, it is no stranger to the cold frigid. For years he has survived off the bodies of his fallen foes, for so long many feel the fear that haunting shape induces.  The horrific skull of a Wendigo he wears a totem being the one image forever burned into their souls. None dare trespass on his domain, on his hour. That's when it's a cold wind blows, a full moon rises, and a dirge for all the enemies howls on that gale ...

Subclass: Nomad 
Mutation: Bone Growth (Unique Mutation) + Bioluminescence
Current Growth Stage: Adult
Owner: LioSKETCH  

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MurderousLover's avatar
Oh my gosh this is absolutely amazing! I didn't think Selkica's adult forms could look so badass! <3
Great job on them! I can tell why you decided to keep him >w<
aureamachina's avatar
omgosh IKR?? Like selkicas as adults can be either cute, badass, etc
its totally up to you <33 
MurderousLover's avatar
That's really cool how dynamic they can be. And Lio really did a great job with all the details on this guy <3
I know I'm going to adult my priest boi and make him a royal after the Halloween event X3
aureamachina's avatar
omfg this came out amazing!!! I love it <33