Aria: Tale of Birth

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Just a moment ago she felt the warmth of love of her mother all around her.  Wrapped in her tightest of embraces, cradled close to her heart, she slept soundly in the deepest of eternal rests.  The little selkica then could not fathom why she felt her mother's grip faltering so soon.  All at once she was letting go without any warning.  Unable to find a grip and hold on she accepted this fate as she slowly fell out.  That rest, so peaceful and innocent as it ran its course for nine straight months, came to an abrupt end.  The little pup tumbled from her dream, out from her warm cradle and into a cold world just waiting to greet her.

"There she is, she's here!" she heard a voice coo at her.  It was gentle and strong but whose voice was it?  "Eileen, look at her.  She's so beautiful."

Something flushed into her mind.  As she took her first breath there were these strange flavors carried in the air.  They smelled of salty ocean, wet stone, and four unfamiliar things.  Weakly she attempted to lift her head, she was straining to keep it up.  Out of nowhere she found herself lifted into the air by something, carried over to the strongest smell in the room.  This smell, it was so familiar and it made the little pup open her eyes for the first time.  Light stung against her beautiful violet eyes.  She found the gorgeous but green eyes of some heavenly maiden looking back at her, tears welling up and dripping.  This woman, she was smiling so brightly at her despite how exhausted she seemed.  Hands came overtop her little head.  The pup barked in response, her first noise ever.


"Hello, my little Aria," a gentle Irish voice cooed.  "I'm your mama."

Aria?  What was this strange thing she was called?  Was this her name?  The pup moved her tired head forward to take in her smell.  Yes, this was the one who held her fast in that warm embrace for so long.  She was more beautiful in life than she could have imagined in that endless dream.  A touch of her hands against her plush fur felt greater than the warmth of the sun streaming in from square holes in the stone walls.  The pup barked again, whimpering over the cold and begging for her mother's warm embrace.  Something heavy laid atop the two, a royal navy arm pulling it across.  Aria, accepting that as her name now, turned to face the owner of said arm.  A tall and strong-looking creature pulled alongside this woman, his eyes almost as gentle as hers.

"Aria.  It's a beautiful name."  She recognized that voice, it was the first voice she heard.  "I'm your papa, Aria." 

He pressed his nose against hers.  Yes, she knew she could trust this creature.  Somehow she knew he had some hand in her birth.  Aria turned to face her mother now, she too pressed her nose against the pup's.  Content in the care of these two, the little pup laid her weary head down against her mother's chest.  She could tell her mother too was exhausted, her breath was so labored.  In the distance she could hear the exasperated noises of two other beings.  They were frantically screaming things like, "I want to see my granddaughter," and, "Cranston, give Lyr and Eileen some space," and even, "She's my granddaughter, I want to see her!".  These voices weren't too important for Aria to pay much heed to them.  All that mattered was that she find some calm rest against her mother.


Eileen laid her arms across the back of her child.  She turned to face Lyr before she fell into exhausted rest.
"I love you, my dear," she frailly smiled.
Lyr's lips touched so gently upon hers.  "I love you too, my Eileen.  I promise I'll protect the both of you forever, my precious treasures."
I've been meaning to get around to this.  Oh WOW did this take a lot longer than I anticipated!!  Still, I wanted to give some time to this character too.  Please enjoy Aria's journey into adulthood, there'll be quite the adventure to come.

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