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Welcome to The Albahara Info Sheet

Albaharas are an closed companion species created by TheHumanHeart and  LioSKETCH 
Closed means that you cannot make your own without a MYO slot or purchasing an Albahara design from sales
Concept and Lineart created by LioSKETCH 
Graphics by TheHumanHeart 

Rarity level: ★ 


With no rivals among the seabirds, the Albahara is the unrivaled champion of the skies in this flooded Earth and a master fisher to boot. Despite the shrinking land along the coast, the beautiful albatross evolved to attain a larger shape and features found on the more fierce birds of prey. It is able to hunt for large prey from tuna to even small species of sharks, though it may increase its diet to small vertebrates if its local diet becomes depleted. Much like the albatross of the past, these giant birds will court one another through a strange ballet and will mate for life. As they lay only one giant egg per season they are fiercely territorial of their nests.

Do Albaharas have Genders? What if I do not want mine to have a Gender?
Like most birds, Albaharas are divided between male and female. It's up to their owners what the individual's gender is. 


Albaharas are born from large eggs, bigger than an American football. From until 3 to 4 years, the newborn chicks will rely on their mother to feed them and keep them sheltered from the weather until they can develop their wings. A fully grown Albahara has hollow bones structured in a honeycomb shape that make them light but durable for far travel. Despite their immense size it can only support at best two riders. Single Selkicas can rely on a domesticated Albahara to ferry them above treacherous waters but they aren't good for transporting large families. When threatened, the Albahara will attack with the small talons on its webbed feet. If this proves ineffective they can spew a powerful and foul smelling acid from their stomachs. It is corrosive enough to burn through most materials, it can cause harsh burns on the skin if direct contact is made.

Albahara Fun Facts
• Wingspans can reach to 35 feet long
• Webbed feet allow them to race 20 feet across the water's surface
• Albahara chicks are small! About the size of an average pelican
• Small talons on the feet serve for combat only, they're useless for catching fish 
• Beautiful head plums on males used for attracting mates
• Able to fly over 10,000 miles on a single flight without using too much energy
• Mate for life, following an adorable courtship dance
• Able to spit highly corrosive acid when threatened


Due to the domestication of Albahara there are Albahara that can be breed with different mutations. Here are there mutations:
• Double Wing
• Talon Feet 
• Different Tail Styles | Domestication of Albaharas have created all sorts of fun, different tails from different birds like peacocks, swallowtails, etc. 
• Head Crest | This type of mutation can be breed for appearances. No one knows if it has an affect on mating or courtship rituals, but people love the different type of crests


Purchasing an Albahara MYO slot
Albahara MYO slots can be purchased for shells in the Sea Shack. They will be be for sale for real currency unless premade designs are for sale or unless the creators give special permission.

Purchasing an Mutation Add-On
When you purchase a mutation, its only for 1 mutation! So the mutation add-on or slot is one per mutation you wish to add to your companion pet!

How can I get Shells (ARPG currency) to purchase a slot?
Well there are different ways! You can always draw the npcs or draw Selkicas, albahara, or other companions species for 1 shell each. The easiest way to get shells is to make your own Selkica (You can make a Selkica for free! Please visit the group for more information) and draw your selkica in order to gain more shells. 

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