Vocaloid Fantasia: Miku Hatsune

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By Lionsong
:bulletgreen: First installment in the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series created by Crypton Future Media.
:bulletgreen: Release Date was August, 31 2007
:bulletgreen: Hair & Eye Color: Aqua Blue/ Green
:bulletgreen: Age/ Race/Gender: 16/ Japanese/ Female
:bulletgreen: Height: 158 cm (5'3")  Weight: 42 kg (92.4 lbs)
:bulletgreen: Outfit: Gray and black school girl outfit with aqua tie

:bulletgreen: Character Item: Leek
:bulletgreen: Optimum Genre: Pop idol, Pop dance
:bulletgreen: Optimum Tempo: 70-15-BPM
:bulletgreen: Saki Fujita, a Japanese voice actress. was use to create this vocaloid’s voice
:bulletgreen: Name of the title and the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu ( first), Ne (sound), and Miku ( future) thus meaning "the first sound to the future”.
:bulletgreen: Obtained from: vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Miku_H…

Digital Art

:thumb160755991: :thumb105104804: Hatsune Miku - Headphone by fabiok00 Sit back, relax. by TyrineCarver Miku Hatsune by DarkZeroInside Hatsune Miku feat Nisokuhokou by speedi88 Moon VN02- Miku by Cinty-Helios Miku Hatsune VN-02 by A-231 Miku School Uniform by faustsketcher Miku Miku Miku by Abyssmo Hatsune Miku_Vocaloid by aesthRuka Hatsune Miku by KlownCar Collab: Hatsune Miku by Icetrix :thumb107063904: Hatsune Miku Diva Desu- by ComiPa Hatsune Miku by jehanaruto Hatsune Miku LNGN by ComiPa Miku Collab 2 by Luciaraio ievan polkka? by NataEliza :thumb108059939: Hyakku Ryonan Shooter 01 by ComiPa Hatsune Miku by Mowth :thumb149245839: :thumb124193275: :thumb140076035: :thumb153366243:  :thumb159327689: Sandplay of the Dragon by b-s-f   Night and iris by guitars-japan Naru Naru shite ageru by arence Evening glow by sumairuclover My Music, My World by TaiDaisuke Hatsune Miku 'A' by MaTTheW-wong :thumb160616276: :thumb157926080: :thumb80438446: Hatsune Miku by spoonbard :thumb101751026: Vocaloid Miku by Eternal-S hatune miku by ryoheihuke   Hatsune Miku by zanael Miku by rurya :thumb91791234: LOVE IS WAR by seki22 miku by euphonioushinn mikumiku by KuguKiugu .:Heavenly Sonata:. by GeddyKay vocaloid by Ann606 Re:Package.our music. by GeddyKay moon by Ann606 Miku by Yukisora Hatsune Miku by LazyTurtle Vocaloid Miku Hatsune by Kpx-Beatrix Hatsune Miku by TsukiGesshoku   Winter Hatsune Miku by Kaze-Hime :thumb117267919: Miku Append by Yytru :thumb145780249: Hatsune Miku by paintpixel Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru by MiyaSekaia :thumb105208075: :Hatsune Miku: by Cindiq VOCALOID 01  HATSUNE MIKU by mmsent MIKU Append by SuoniMac Miku by elisetrinh :thumb153452728: miku LOL by llano Hatsune Miku ver.SYNC by TysonTan Hatsune Miku 2 by kalkulation   World is Mine 2 by redjuice999 Miku by Scullcandy-chan :thumb138439867: Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku by Zoo-chan :thumb154474981: Miku by korvapuusti :thumb149484878: Falling MIKU by grkoch miku by muse-kr Hatsune Miku again and again by Kaloli Miku APPEND by KurohaAi .: Art Nouveau Hime :. by Kaizeru Miku by Ryo-Sasaki PastelLiner by kalkulation MIKU HATSUNE by strawberryjamm World is Mine 1 by redjuice999 MIKU MIKU NI SHITE AGERUUUUUUU by Jynsing SPiCa - Hatsune Miku by refeia MIKU APPEND by PenName-Kazeno Vocaloid-rainbow color wings by siruphial STAR by chanco Vocaloid- Save the music by AlexiusSana Hatsune Miku Append by Eroji MIKUMIKU by Kiwibon Vocaloid - Daughter of Green by kuridoki  :thumb141060645: Moonlit Bear:Miku by LunaticRoseX UPLOADING DATA by KayouVirus Breeze by kiwi-fruit144 :thumb120010686: Love is War by wickedalucard :thumb143640001: Miku by Zombieblue Miku by oranges-lemons  :thumb135234295: Miku Ein by xephonia Miku Hatsune - Song for You by Miyukiko :thumb154924092: Miku-sama by kaminary-san Miku Hatsune-Tuning in summer by yosinori Miku and butterfly's grave by dorset little miku by asahinoboru

Traditonal Art

Vocaloid2Miku by CallieFink   Hatsune Miku_Hanayurikago by rakuen19 Vocaloid Hatsune Miku by acidproject Love is war-Miku by Efra270 miku by mushomusho Hatsune Miku Fanart by emperpep The Miku Way by Jad-Ardat :thumb137883764: Miku Hatsune Fulla Style by natsumi33 Cantarella- Miku Hatsune by 0Febris0 :Hatsune Miku: by nor-renee Hanayurikago by NuclearCoreMeltdown Happiness rainbow song by Aelve Melt With Me by LunarisRozu Hatsune Miku Copics by choirfolk rainbow_miku by co0kie-m0nst3r music.moves.me by Emruki Hatsune Miku by Sakuems :thumb145887825: :thumb160826675: hatsune miku- volcaloid by Mmystery Miku-Miku by elentarihikari wedding Miku by jurithedreamer Road Song: Hatsune Miku by Sun-kiss VOCALOID: Miku Append II by muttiy miku's polka by muura Hatsune Miku watercolor by NalinSketch :thumb162143059: Miku Hatsune5-Vocaloid2 Miku by ayasemn Hatsune Miku watercolor by MeredithDillman Hatsune Miku VOCALOID by peloli Vocaloid 01 Hatsune Miku by muttiy +Miku Hatsune 1st Anniversary+ by ayasemn Miku by Cajochu The Third Alice by himachan Miku portrait - acrylic by DevilBot . Miku In Blue . by BunnieKo Dark Wood Circus by HonHon MIKU by sanri33 Awakening of Miku by NickBeja Sandplay - Miku by maocha The Story of Evil - Miku by Hsk0254 Vocaloid - just a song by Nefis Magnet - Hatsune Miku by Hsk0254 Hatsune Miku - Butterflies by Hallowchii


close up - Miku by Takui1896 1 9 2 5 miku 04 by hybridre Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku 02 by beethy Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku by rinabyakuran Miku - World is Mine by hiritai Cantarella ver. Hatsune Miku by kaguyaxhime :thumb130550570: Miku - waterfall by Ryusei-R1 Vocaloid 00-02 Hatsune Miku by rinabyakuran Magnet Miku by bellatrixaiden Miku - WIM by Onnies Cosplay - Miku by Korixxkairi Love is war - Hatsune Miku by kirawinter World is Mine - Miku by Amano7 Hatsune Miku 01.01 by Thelindra Miku by evalime Hatsune Miku 1 by prince-alexiel RQ Miku - Ready to Race? by farizasuka :thumb165893337: