Traditionally Mythical: Phoenix
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Also Known as the: Simurgh, Benu (Bennu) Bird,  Firebird or Fenghuang

"They have also another sacred bird called the phoenix which I myself have never seen, except in pictures. Indeed it is a great rarity, even in Egypt, only coming there (according to the accounts of the people of Heliopolis) once in five hundred years, when the old phoenix dies. Its size and appearance, if it is like the pictures, are as follow:- The plumage is partly red, partly golden, while the general make and size are almost exactly that of the eagle.”
- Herodotus

“In Chinese mythology, the phoenix is the symbol of high virtue and grace, of power and prosperity. It represents the union of yin and yang. It was thought to be a gentle creature, alighting so gently that it crushed nothing, and eating only dewdrops.”

    "The Simurgh, Truth's last flawless jewel, the light
    In which you will be lost to mortal sight,
    Dispersed to nothingness until once more
    You find in Me the selves you were before.'"
    -Mantiq al-Tayr, or the Parliament of Birds

Phoenix by verreaux Shadow Phoenix by zenphoenixa -C- Phoenix by ShaBiest Phoenix and Dragon by rebeccawangart Phoenix by puimun Phoenix Crest by Aerin-Kayne Phoenix by Raironu Phoenix by XiphoidLies phoenix by VixieArts Phoenix by Exileden :thumb44554081: :thumb106446918: Gift for Princess-phoenix by Red-IzaK Phoenix by Chelsee   -C- Chibi Phoenix by ShaBiest Phoenix by Ice-222 :thumb144235081: phoenix and highlighters by jupiterjenny Phoenix by katat0nik :thumb140910960: Phoenix by ShadowKorin   Phoenix by NataliRusanova Phoenix King by eychanchan Phoenix by felixxkatt :thumb124981606: - The Phoenix Awakening - by ooneithoo Phoenix by goddessluna Jazzfire Phoenix color by rachaelm5 Phoenix by Baka-Shinji :thumb80909203: Little Phoenix by AugustAnna Phoenix Dust by tyreenya Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo by Milui Phoenix .-+rebirth+-. by suzumetori Kristy's Phoenix by ashdesigns Phoenix by metaakumu Phoenix vs Dragon by Omega-Sigh Phoenix by squidink ACEO - Steampunk-Phoenix by BloodhoundOmega Phoenix by arcanEnigma Phoenix Mandalah by LilyAnneTorren Phoenix of Hope by PoonieFox :thumb42912124: Phoenix - pencil Sketch by DuskWingArts phoenix by glaubersonic :thumb116268224: Phoenix Soul by JudithMayr Undead Phoenix by kaizerin Blue Phoenix by sketchykraft Phoenix by Himeviti :thumb135836101: phoenix by artstain :thumb73493720: Rainbow Phoenix by Nathaldron :thumb119798114:   Phoenix Rising by CozmicDreamer Phoenix Wheeeeee by skysong Phoenix Princess by Wenart Phoenix by Qvi phoenix by seanspoison Fawkes the phoenix by verreaux :thumb90347487: Ujjivelos,the phoenix by Barguest The Phoenix and the Watch by siffert :thumb84981865: Grand Phoenix by fireproject random Phoenix by YamiGriffin The Dragon and the Phoenix by fire16 Phoenix - downsized by Bekerah Phoenix in flight by Crysomandiaz Phoenix Tattoo by fangdracona Imbolc Phoenix by rabidbunnies Inked Phoenix by rekka Damn Phoenix by Hornee1 Eavarion by SpaceTurtleStudios Phoenix by Rachel-bee FengHuang by who-stole-MY-name Rainbow Phoenix by Goshawk Wolf and Phoenix by Smeon Awakening by windfalcon Song in the Sky 03 bird 01 by rachaelm5 Phoenix by Xenothere :thumb106881812: Jennie's Phoenix by Tygwa Peacock Phoenix by SerebrineyDrakon Phoenix by Blachorum Born of Fire by JessicaMDouglas Suzaku by Kie-chan Firebird by JudithMayr firebird from tiger by completeartist Trade - HoshiKasai by AbsintheKitsune Creation by vitellan old araso pic by ArasoTesana Flame Walker by Aryenne Ink Phoenix by Zyleeth Sharpie Phoenix by shadee Simurgh by verreaux Tremorworks: Simurgh bw by rachaelm5 Fire of autumn by AlviaAlcedo Benu by Typthis Bennu by foreignmind

Mature Content

The Phoenix by EroticArtist1965

:thumb18942214: Heavenly Dance 2 by zachlost Phoenix - Calisto by xXHONORguardXx Phoenix by sebeka :thumb106974467: :thumb84119745: The Bird of Rebirth by Halwen Immortal Tears by Ashalind   Aflame by kattything Differend kind of phoenix by Spyrre Phoenix by rainesz Dragon and Phoenix by DragonCid phoenix night by keeatah Breadth9: Phoenixes by alixnich :thumb79397684:   The Firebird by Skye-Fyre Sepia Phoenix by Nambroth Ivan and the Firebird by Nettleurgy Firebird - Queen of Cherries by rhythrealmz3 firebird by Starsong-Studio Lyrebird as Firebird by Ravenari The Littlest Firebird by Nambroth Born of Fire by JessicaMDouglas Rising Phoenix by RedBeanBun Rise OF The Phoenix by MiG-05 phoenix and dragon by Null-Cipher Phoenix by LIZA-BIGGers phoenix rising by hardnox757 Phoenix by StarTwincle Phoenix by VictoriaMorris The Retarded Phoenix by frowzivitch Phoenix Revisited by OpalGryphon 69 Phoenix by anachsunamon Phoenix by lemondrop12595 Phoenix by PrimeHunter Phoenix and Dragon by puimun Amberfeather Phoenix by Nambroth Painted Feather - Phoenix by windfalcon Phoenix by fancolas Phoenix by KellyDelRosso Phoenix by jamindavey :thumb118943277: Phoenix by darkbloodwyvern :thumb14228991: :thumb141227582: Dawn of the Phoenix by kalicothekat Phoenix Rising by Ectoplasm82 Phoenix painting by newtskewltattoo :thumb14228916: Coquille Phoenix by newtskewltattoo Phoenix Sky by WeijiC :thumb98269208: Phoenix by MaskofDreams Phoenix by Holdkutya Feng-huang by sufistuk8ed VermillionPhoenix of the South by KirbywithaMasamune Phoenix tattoo by melanippos Phoenix 2nd attempt AS FINAL by mingleung97 Phoenix by fraktalika Desolation by kalicothekat Hope by kalicothekat Play with fire by OhAnneli Phoenix finished by lustforlike dragon's series 3 by NEKO-nom-koi The Phoenix by lmrogers Phenix ultimate by Kadajo Phenex by Noldofinve Stained Glass Phoenix by scw55 take care by Toivoshi Flaming feathers by DawnyDawn Original Deal by Wingedmaquis Summoning Lady by tealover007 :thumb149682517: 13 - Death - Phoenix by puimun   phoenix  L5R by moritat :thumb141227582: Phoenix and the Moon by Lyekka Phoenix Mural by Relotixke

Mature Content

Pheonix by IamPetra
San Francisco Phoenix by DaHamm tea-caddy by nina0921 Firebird, Russian Fairy Tales by delightedmuse My Flower by Sundri

Mixed Media
Stained Glass Painting-Phoenix by sunhawk :thumb152897661: Phoenix Rising by Velvet-Dragon :thumb95923696: :thumb150378213: Phoenix Detail by Sasky Yuuna by KonsiWagner phoenix by CrazyScarlet Arcaillax by KonsiWagner Risen from the dead by Ririko Entre deux battements d'ailes by Little-Endian Rise Phoenix by Astarte-chan phoenix by missmonster Phoenix by unkraut Phoenix by Sasky phoenix...... from ashes by lovelycristina Red Phoenix Suzaku ver.2 by ShokokuPhoenix Aurora Phoenix by vantid Flight of the Phoenix by art-paperfox Phoenix by LeFreaks Blue phenix and Trybalfox by EosFoxx reverance by x-acution Fenghuang in Colour by shinigami714 simurg by mahlukat

Sculpture/ Artisan Crafts
MAKING OF THE PHOENIX 7 by cheetor182 THE SCRAPPY PHOENIX by cheetor182 Phoenix Bust - whole by hornetcharmer 'The Phoenix Mask' by EnchantedMasquerade Phoenix Wall Sculpture by Jaybaby11 Phoenix Rising - July by NycterisA Phoenix by slenderthunder Phoenix by Balonmania Fawkes, the Phoenix by Vulkanette Aurora Phoenix by Nambroth ::Matches Phoenix:: by ExiledChaos :thumb111882901: Phoenix Mask by DeadLikeMe22 Three Generations I by Emiko-Cothran :thumb123830497: Phoenix by aeireono Phoenix Mask by taeliac phoenix by Skinz-N-Hydez Phoenix Ring by Angi-kat Phoenix Circle by TalyrasMirror Phoenix by Cuivielin Golden Phoenix by Richi89 Phoenix Ring by StephaniePride Phoenix by glas-kratzer :thumb107187213: Golden Phoenix Book by sunhawk Firebird - Leather Mask by windfalcon Bird of Bleach by Deadsound

linocut print : senmurv by inkytwist Zal's One Request by koshii :thumb137990086: Firebird - Lino print by KuroTatsu-Hime Flight by KymYume Phoenix by BlackMagdalena Phoenix by moquirk89 :thumb49066976: woodcut - Fire Phoenix Orange by sunhawk Phoenix by designtuna

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