Traditionally Mythical: Griffin
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Griffin or Gryphon

“"The Gryphes are so called because they are winged quadrupeds.  This kind of wild beast is found in the Hyperborean Mountains.  In every part of their body they are lions, and in wings and heads are like eagles, and they are fierce enemies of horses.  Moreover they tear men to pieces.".”
- Isidore of Seville

“After that comes a region of very rich soil but quite uninhabitable because griffins, a savage and tenacious breed of wild beasts, love- to an amazing degree- the gold that is mined from deep within the earth there, and because they guard it with an amazing hostility to those who set foot there."
- Pomponius Mela

“Grypas (Griffins), Aristeas of Prokonnesos says in his poem, fight for the gold with the Arimaspoi beyond the Issedones. The gold which the Grypas guard, he says, comes out of the earth; the Arimaspoi are men all born with one eye; Grypas are beasts like lions, but with the beak and wings of an eagle."

Watcher by Kyndir The Storm Winds by vantid Come alive by rage1986 :thumb111512359: Lappet Faced Hyena Gryphon by Ahkahna The Warrior by firedanceryote Brown gryph by AlviaAlcedo :thumb114134228: Gryphon by jivu :thumb47116538: A Gryphon Family Portrait by BloodhoundOmega PrismaPencil Griffin by the19thGinny Griffin Sentry by DragonSpark Great Graphic Griffin by commander-salamander The Gryphophone by LuciusAppaloosius Plainwalker Griffin by AugustAnna Persian Griffin by verreaux griffin in winter by hibbary .Griffin. by LadyFromEast Griffin by wolf-minori a griffin. by kyuubifred :thumb73495994: Griffin by Frizelle A Griffin? by BramletAmbercrombie Griffin by Caladar resting griffin- 'archemedes' by jessiesdragons :thumb103249370: :thumb27926257: Dark Griffin by StephanieAKAfany Griffin in Flight by SummerJackel Barn Griffin by GoldeenHerself :thumb107480049: Mackle the Firebird Griffin by randomflyingpigeons :thumb17953236: Brown Griffin by LadyFromEast King of the Highlands by MoonsongWolf imperial griffin by verreaux Griffin 4 by verreaux :thumb83562891: Vox Griffin Pendant by Foxfeather248 Griffin Design by Anima-Lux-Artifex Portrait of a Snow Griffin by Amaranth44 Griffin by Zyari Cutesy Griffin by RavenWings Griffin With Kill by SlayerSyrena Feathers and Scales by silvergriffin Foureth Anu by Flowerlark Filigree Gryphon by Nambroth Mercury -- 1999 by caramitten King of Beast and Sky by Lady-Owl Shira as a Gryphon by BloodhoundOmega Watcher by Kyndir Alice and gryphon by bluefooted --:Griffin Aldalin:-- by Valicetra BigPawed Griffin Kit by caramitten Azo, the Blue Gryphon -- 1999 by caramitten AlectorFencer badge by Tacimur :thumb91457409: :thumb37773138: Brown Falcon Grows Up by suchomimus Fall Into The Sky by Nashoba-Hostina :thumb63248747: :thumb106246844: Two hearts beast by abyss-shadows Mandala Intro Graphic by swandog Sentinel Gryphon by Nambroth Can I Keep Him? Illustration by dawnbest Baby Griffin...Who is hungry.. by rayquazarider Echoes by windfalcon Songgryphon Christmas Card by songgryphon Nesting by Red-IzaK Auroris by Tenshiryuu  :thumb28138914: Feathers of flame by hypnocampus :thumb146392941: Owl Gryphon - Short-eared by Foxfeather248 My Oxford by xlagartixax Nobility by Quantum-Kid :thumb150649309: Grifo Lince 2 by verreaux :thumb13630486: :thumb150930352: :thumb14083701: War Gryphon scribbles by autumn-rains Gryphon Fight by PsyMist Rebirth of Color by animeghostygirl amazonian griffin by terroa The bird cat contemplates by spocha Griffon - Avian Companion by KatieHofgard :thumb103847571: Art Trade Watermelon by Dedphoenix Egyptian Gryphon - Horus by AlmightyShadowchan Gryphon in the Forest by AugustAnna Creature Design ::Calm Pose:: by bdog-wings :thumb97954035: Troublesome Lot by BloodhoundOmega Tiger Gryphon and Fairy by Michelle-JA-McIntyre Rainforest Gryphlet by avelacuna Mackle the Firebird Griffin by randomflyingpigeons Snugg by Gryphling  :thumb127285213: Bluegreen by avelacuna

:thumb9583149: Wassup gryphon by Nalavara Gryphon by BryanSyme Winter Gryphon by windfalcon Remembering our Spirits by Nambroth Desert Scavenging Gryphon by windfalcon Gryphon by AVA4Zinkovsky Floating River's Gryphon by Werwal Gryphon Tarot - The Star by silvermoonnw Gryphon Tarot - The Hermit by silvermoonnw Gryphon Tarot: The Lovers by silvermoonnw Red-Crested Gosfox Gryphon by windfalcon Snoozing by maggock Seeking Through the Forest by AugustAnna Gryph called Lord by Sysirauta :thumb5694420: Waltz by windfalcon Jaguar Kamathawa by windfalcon Tea With The Griffin by ursulav Alector by Kelii always by jillc Rufus by Skye-Fyre Griffen Mage Complete by lady-cybercat   Simple Treasures by tyreenya Garden Songgryphons by songgryphon Magnolia Songgryphons - Part 1 by songgryphon :thumb17373480: :thumb11791479: Griffin by Ankaraven Petalburn by donnaquinn
Gryphon Wheel by ssantara Speckery by MinnaSundberg Sun Gryphon by ssantara Pandorama by windfalcon A Clockwork Orange04 badge by kattything Come along now by hibbary :thumb85208214:

Mixed Media
Gryphon family by Robo-Shark Reflecting Love by Goldenwolf cherry blossom by Dozaloz :thumb131713435: :thumb89473047: Fox Griffin by DragonCid :thumb105102319: Springtime for Gryphons by Dustmeat Wind Spirit by Quinneys Puma Gryph by Goldenwolf Topaz Gryphon by Goldenwolf Blue Winter by hibbary :thumb105200976: Phthalo by hibbary Forest Griffin by hibbary Owl griffin by hibbary :thumb33019725: Granny Silverclaw by caramitten Gryphon Profile by gryphonworks The Acorn King by windfalcon The Willow Queen by windfalcon The Empress by silvermoonnw For Obsydian - Final by synnabar :thumb21639800: Iridescence and stars by The-SixthLeafClover Nightwatch by JessicaMDouglas Cockatiel Griffon by darknatasha :thumb76194518: Ebon's Gryphon by Avoyel Playful Gryph by etherrawen Colors of Autumn by hopeakorento Autumn Showers - ACEO by Dozaloz :thumb131713435:

Mature Content

Khadija by darknatasha
I can see you -portfolio- by MinnaSundberg Guineafowl-Hyena Gryphon by caramitten The Parrot and the Perfection by Dreamspirit

Sculpture/ Artisan Crafts
Stormdancer by Caigry Gryphon Bust by justindzs :thumb110229779: Gryphon Bust by JaDisArt :thumb57284486: Sleeping Gryphon - commission by CandaceBell Gryphon Complete by Gingco Val - Gryphon by DragonLadyCels :thumb105705149: Gryphon bust by rah-bop Jungle Gryphon by Yamidragon PYO Windstone Gryph - Starling by sunhawk :thumb138748533: Watching You by CandaceBell Phoenix by CandaceBell griffon sculpture 1 by dancing-dragon Griffin by Ban-Sidhe Griffin by mea777 Gryphon by guspath Gryphon Helmet by Azmal Griffin Mask by Foxfeather248 Faceoff by Falco-sparverius Windstone PYO Gryphon by tyreenya Black Gryphon Feather Pen by ChaeyAhne Grey Griffin by Ban-Sidhe Vox Griffin Pendant by Foxfeather248

:thumb149237842: Griffin by Viking-Princess Griffin by Manaliabrid Griffin by GriffStar Griffin by Pointy-Eared-Fiend The Light Griffin by LaurasMuse

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