Bleach Me: Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki

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Shinji Hirako

:bulletyellow: Race:  Visored

:bulletblue: Gender: Male

:bulletyellow: Birthday: May 10

:bulletblue:Hair Color:  Blond

:bulletyellow:Eye Color  Brown

:bulletblue: Height:  176 cm (5'9")

:bulletyellow: Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs.)

:bulletblue: Occupation:  Captain of the 5th Division

:bulletyellow: Shika:  Sakanade

:bulletblue: Japanese Voice Actor: Masaya Onosaka 

:bulletyellow: English Voice Actor:  Roger Craig Smith

Hiyori Sarugaki

:bulletred: Race:  Visored

:bulletwhite: Gender: Female

:bulletred: Birthday: August 1

:bulletwhite:Hair Color:  Blond

:bulletred:Eye Color  Brown

:bulletwhite: Height:  133 cm (4'4")

:bulletred: Weight: 26 kg (57 lbs.)

:bulletwhite: Previous Occupation:  Lieutenant of the 12th Division, Head Researcher of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute

:bulletred: Shika:  Kubikiri Orochi

:bulletwhite: Japanese Voice Actor: Reiko Takagi

:bulletred: English Voice Actor:  Mela Lee, Laura Bailey (episodes 206+)

:bulletblue:  "I swear. I really don't like gettin' involved in Shinigami fights. Oh well. When you hear the sound of fighting so close by you can't just ignore it."


BLEACH: Hirako Shinji 020709 by blackstorm Shinji and Ichigo hollow by jen-and-kris Hirako Shinji 2 by Elruu Marise and Shinji Hirako by AFunny Hirako Shinji by Elruu The Long Run - Hirako Shinji by Yun-Yun-Hakusho :thumb128521282: :thumb128014494: :: Hirako Shinji :: by stoic1985 BLEACH-- SHINJI by DarkChildx2k Shinji in a silly hat by quaedam Shinji by Mezamero Hirako and Hiyori by Shiroho-Art :thumb83197632: :thumb251469062: :thumb85111637: Bleach Hirako x Aizen by bichva Shinji by yaocchi Shinji sketch by Mezamero upside down by mirahr Last Smile of the Summer by rizaturker Captain Hirako by HSG-hashigo BLEACH: Scrappy Blonds by Harumi-Chan We may or may not by quaedam Hirako Shinji by kaecee Love Knots... by destinylauritsen Trust is dead when picked up by jmania :thumb216124662: Don't even think about it by quaedam :thumb276676213:  :thumb292267854: Mask of a Smile by Yun-Yun-Hakusho :thumb264668659: :thumb260331347: Sarugaki Hiyori by evcik :thumb263752211: :thumb277295327: Little Wonder by Abigel Bleach_Something hollow by SvenHart :thumb271000614: Hirako and Hiyori by Hatigatsu Bankai me! by Vitcer Evening light by Vitcer :thumb278977896: This Way UP by suppa-rider

Erotic by HSG-hashigo Hirako. Vintage hairstyle by Oriental-Lady Meaningful Glare - Hiyori Sarugaki by Yun-Yun-Hakusho BLEACH-- HIYORI by DarkChildx2k Bleach: Hiyori by Byolith Bleach: Jump. by Byolith :thumb181735601: Bleach: Play It Loud by renaisancexx BLEACH - Hiyori COLORS by elawra :thumb318474625: Sorry to interrupt by quaedam :thumb264490353: BLEACH Hiyori and Lisa by MiriamDott Chibi_Hiyori-chan by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

:bulletred:”A princess and a tiger, huh? Such excessive names! Our names mean 'monkey' and 'lewd!' I'm so jealous!”

Traditional Art

Hirako Shinji by Ecthelian BLEACH : Hirako Shinji -Yo- by blackstorm BLEACH: Hirako Shinji by blackstorm Hirako by ISenbonzakuraI Newly Reappointed 5th Squad captain, Hirako! by Yun-Yun-Hakusho White Waters by RinaIzumo BLEACH- Bonnie + Clyde by MediaViolence :thumb273247451: . wading . by elaboration Breath by RinaIzumo Captain Hirako by monyta fortune-wheel by Aru-i Hirako'n Hiyori by cherrie-cherry Don't Mess with Shinji by Yun-Yun-Hakusho The Sun by Koganeiro bullet boy's blues Part II by bloodandpepper Hiyori_Sarugaki by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Shinji by Shinjifer Hirako'n Hiyori II-watercolour by cherrie-cherry BLEACH: Nightfever by amyschn :thumb206195897: Bleach- Highway Star by LevyRasputin rubber sword XD by MeiriKobayashi WAR by RinaIzumo

:bulletyellow:"I don't like to go around talkin' like I know everything, but take this as the opinion of someone who's done this captain job before. Even if you sympathize with your subordinates you can't go around tryin' ta please them all the time. You should do things the way you want to do them, and if nobody follows you, it just means you weren't cut out for this job."


A Creepy Grin by M-Is-For-Murder Bleach: Hirako Taichou by arisa4 The Vizard Leader by briste BLEACH: Hirako Shinji by amyschn :thumb123332086: Shinji by InrasTEO Bleach - Shinji Hirako by BrosOfTimeProduction Shinji 'This is a shark attack by Hirako-f-w Bleach: Shinji Hirako by HyruleLover Bleach: Sarugaki Hiyori- Let me drink in peace! by Rii-ki-AruxKol :thumb327888336: Bleach: Sarugaki Hiyori - BUUUUU by Rii-ki-AruxKol Hirako Shinji cosplay [Past_0] by InrasTEO Bleach: Unbroken. by m-a-g-i BLEACH: Paper Plane. by amyschn BLEACH: sarugaki hiyori by m-a-g-i Sarugaki Hiyori by Splitfatal Shinji Hiyori 'Stop the bot!' by Hirako-f-w Hirako Shinji 'Just another pawn in my game' by Hirako-f-w Sarugaki-Hirako + II + by Fay-lin BLEACH: Strike. by amyschn BLEACH: Pwnage. Over and over. by amyschn BLEACH: Sunset. by amyschn BLEACH: Brat and Dumbass. by amyschn BLEACH: Just chilling. by amyschn Turn back the pendulum by HanaYubikiri BLEACH: Long time no see. by amyschn BLEACH: Rock on. by amyschn BLEACH: Wanna Join Us? by m-a-g-i BLEACH: Shinji Horror by asuKai hirako shinji by manolo-kun Hollows... beware by Dedliz Hirako Shinji post timeskip cosplay by InrasTEO :thumb176322102: Otakon 2010 5th Captain Shinji by DoctorTonyStarkWho

:bulletwhite:”I really, really hate humans. I really hate Shinigami too.”



:bulletblue: "Can you fight when up and down, left and right, front and back, and the direction you take damage from are all mixed up inside your head? No, you can't. Nobody can. The stronger you are the more used you are to combat, the more likely your body is to react only to what you see!!

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:bulletyellow: I am mainly trying to keep the image focus on the character, so I tend to avoid picking group pictures.

:bulletblue: If you see any issues/problems (especially art theft) with the article please do tell me!  I pride myself in putting together these articles and try my best to fix my mistakes!

:bulletred: Please :+fav: the article if you enjoy it! :love:

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kageitachi's avatar
just thought you should be aware, one of the pieces of art you have featured, [link] , was stolen from the artist here [link]

it looks like they've been doing a bit of art theft, too, not just that [link]
Lionsong's avatar
Thank you for informing me, the offending piece has been removed.
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thank you so much!
Thank you! I'm glad that you like my cosplay.
sarugaki339's avatar
Thanks for featuring my group! I wish one of my Hiyori drawings made it in the featured lists but oh well. Thanks again for featuring my Hiyori fan club :)
RinaIzumo's avatar
Thanks again :iconflatteredplz: I'm glad to see you found my artwork worth featuring :love:
briste's avatar
I loved it. Thanks for using my copslays as a reference for your article. It was great.
Lionsong's avatar
:heart: I was happy to feature your lovely cosplay. You portray the solemn side of Shinji perfectly.
briste's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad that you like my cosplays that much.
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