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Spring in Dragonhome
Scroll obtained from StoneCiper, Clan Scribe, sent to library as a gift and has been copied by SquidInk, Librarian of the Abyssal Acropolis 

2nd Moon of the Month of Flame
SquidInk Note- This story was sent by StoneCipher as a thank you for a copy of an essay over farming techniques. It is a religious piece, detailing the creation of specific genes- Gembond, Crystal, and Facet- along with trade/travelling routes, changing of the seasons, and the origin of the saying “As beautiful as Dragonhome in spring’.
Long, long ago, after the flight of the Great Eleven from the Pillar of the World, Earthshaker sat looking over his new home, Dragonhome. It was parched, it was dark, it was cold, and bleak. He sighed in dismay over his new kingdom, and his progeny leaving trails of dust as they traveled away to see the b
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Mandarin Duck by Lionsong Mandarin Duck :iconlionsong:Lionsong 6 0 Dance Among the Green by Lionsong Dance Among the Green :iconlionsong:Lionsong 4 0 Forest Box Covers B by Lionsong Forest Box Covers B :iconlionsong:Lionsong 0 0 Forest Box Covers by Lionsong Forest Box Covers :iconlionsong:Lionsong 0 0 Cirrus the Spiral by Lionsong Cirrus the Spiral :iconlionsong:Lionsong 2 1 Pride Rock by Lionsong Pride Rock :iconlionsong:Lionsong 4 0 Savanna Slumber by Lionsong Savanna Slumber :iconlionsong:Lionsong 6 0 Rainbow Crow by Lionsong Rainbow Crow :iconlionsong:Lionsong 3 0
Of Charges and Guardians: End of Searching
The sun beat down upon BlackGhost’s scales and she struggled to not pull at her dress in discomfort and anxiety. It would tear if she did it too often, her rough scales were not made for silk.  Her mate wasn’t faring much better, he was panting under his thick black armor. Yet, he did seem more confident than what she was feeling, his wings and head raised high and proud. He gave a quick glace at her and a small wink, and she smiled feeling a bit less fearful.
The whole fort had gathered to watch the ceremony on the beach and being in the center of attention was nearly enough to drive her mad. But, her mate had wanted a grand ceremony to celebrate the end of their Search and she did not have the heart to deny him. It was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Still she would be happy when they go out to sea, away from the crowds and expectations. The Seaside Trumpets sounded and she twisted her mind to attention.
SeaQueen rose from the sea, waves curling at her side playf
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Of Charges and Guardians: Wisdom
The sun was bright and warm, and a small sweet breeze twisted through the windows of the Commander’s office. The beauty of the day seemed wasted upon BlackGhost, though she did acknowledge a small wish to go dancing on the sands with her mate in such weather. But that swift thought was quickly diminished as she gazed upon her Queen, her Chosen, and she basked in her presence. She had seen SeaQueen a few times since their first meeting but it never felt like enough. It was like only taking a sip when one needed to plunge their head in the sea. A chuckle from TidalKing snapped her from her reverie and she stood to attention, a faint blush of heat fanning across her fins.
SeaQueen swatted her mate with her tail, “Be kinder Tidal, you know how Guardian’s are with their chosen.”
The Ridgeback grinned, his laughter barely hidden in his voice, “Yes, they are as much lovesick for you as I once was.”
SeaQueen shook her head and nuzzled his neck, “You ar
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Amethyst Fur and Sunstone Eyes by Lionsong Amethyst Fur and Sunstone Eyes :iconlionsong:Lionsong 8 0
Magnus the Magnificent
Scroll dictated by: SquidInk, Librarian of the Abyssal Acropolis and IceShine, Diplomat of War
30th Moon of the Month of Wind
Today I had a visitor to the library, Lady IceShine, our Clan’s Diplomat of War. It is rare to see a literate warrior in our clan, and she occasionally comes to peruse our scrolls over past battles and wars. She has generously added to the library with her own tales of the past conflicts and diplomatic meetings, though like myself, she prefers to dictate her additions rather than write them. Guardian claws do not make for writers as I say.  After seeing my magnifying glass (an unfortunate need now due to my failing eyesight), she said that she had remembered another poem-like tale from her childhood about the object’s namesake: Magnus the Magnificent. From this point onward the text shall hold her recounting of the story:
Magnus the Magnificent
Magnus the Magnificent was his name, the one-eyed monocle the his claim to fame.
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Birch Unicorn by Lionsong Birch Unicorn :iconlionsong:Lionsong 7 0 Fox and the Grapes by Lionsong Fox and the Grapes :iconlionsong:Lionsong 3 0
Of Charges and Guardians: Courage
CrownofThorns puffed happily on the carved bone pipe and snuggled into his nest of blankets. The pain of his wings was dulled by the medicine provided by PalmHarbor, and breakfast had been of grilled Scaleskin marlin steaks served with rice and a stir-fry of bamboo shoots and Golden peppers. He could have eaten five bowls of the meal, but the healers had warned him of becoming fat while waiting to heal. Pema, the Longneck and his current caretaker, raised an eyebrow in amusement at his obvious contentment. Well at least he thought that looked meant amusement, he was still learning Longneck body language.  He raised the pipe in her direction,
“Joy and peace I have with this pipe in hand!”
The mangling of the language earned a chuckle from the Longneck, she had been teaching him the speech of her kind- along with sharing her tasty tobacco. In truth, Pema was the only thing keeping him sane while his wings healed from his over-exertion, and after AquaMarina’s lesson
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