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Welcome Travelers, this will be your News Source for all updates coming this year! 

June 8th, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - 

It's another new month, and we have a small update for you all! I know that in our last announcement we projected our event to take place this month into next month. In hindsight that was a pretty lofty goal. Even though the event necessities are pretty much ready to go, I believe we need to finalize our hunting mechanism and rewards before introducing the event! We want the event to kick us off into a steady flow of content that is well prepared and ready for you all. I don't want to rush it or put forth a product that isn't a good fit for the community as a whole. So, sadly I must announce the next event will be postponed a while longer until the tools we need for an active and interesting community and monthly prompts/ events are ready for you!

In the meantime, continue leveling your LOC, collect those tokens, prepare ideas and character growth for this next big stage! 
But wait, another small but kind of huge announcement! LOC is now allowing users to design/ revamp/ breed their very own LOC. Due to lifes business and a smaller staff team we felt the best step moving forward was to make the option available to you to design your LOC yourselves! I know it can be hard getting one designed from staff as it may take a while or not be quite all you expected! Now you can design on your own accord, and so long as you have the necessary items to redeem for the LOC your working on you have the liberty to design and test things out on the LOC linework c: Please be sure to read all of the rules and ask questions if you are unsure! Staff will still be needed to roll for breeding edits and verify edits, etc.! Here's the new thread! Go check it out for yourselves and have fun designing! 

May 1st, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - 

It is a new month and we are moving full speed into these new changes! Today was the last day to turn in your trackers without having to complete the prompts, we appreciate all of you who turned in your trackers and are so excited to move forward into the future of our group! Minor tweaks are being made towards a big change, an update will be provided hopefully within this next week! Hunts is still being worked on and tested, looking like it will be available after an upcoming Event! An Event is currently slated for June - July and will work a little differently than previous events! 

We look forward to sharing all of these exciting new developments! Thank you all again for being patient! We will be getting into the full swing of things again very, very soon!

Edit: In regards to Eclipse being implemented towards the end of the month of May, many functions of the group we had hoped to move ahead with may need to be postponed until after the change. There will be a learning curve for a lot of us and it may affect how our group functions here on out! We were not planning on Eclipse as we are sure many of you weren't either and it means we may need to be flexible with release dates until we better understand what we are working with! 

March 25th, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Once again, those of us on the staff team thank you all for your patience during this time! It took a little while longer than anticipated but the EXP Leveling thread as well as the EXP LVL Tasks Guide is now up and ready!  All Level approvals submitted before May 1st will not have to do LVL specific prompts. On May 1st forward all prompts are required during Level Submissions. 

Next up on our to do list is introducing Hunts! (which you may have already noticed as a perk that can be unlocked at Level 3! ) Hunts will open up just one more way to get good rewards while exploring the new prey and landscapes Lochren will be introducing! 

New items are currently in the works that will broaden the possibilities on what you can do with your LOC! For now the details on these won't be made public until we are ready to roll them all out, but we think they will be a great new addition to our ARPG journey! 

On our final update for this news journal, we will be introducing a new way to design/ revamp/ breed your LOC. This isn't item exclusive but is something new to the group that we haven't tried before. An announcement will come later with this as well giving further details before the thread and the changes and officially made! 

Thank you so much everyone again for waiting! We look forward to seeing this group flourish and prosper and this is just one small step in a path to better things! Please stay safe during these troubling times in Real Life, our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this huge disruption. - Starry 

Edit: I forgot to mention that Akili’s bloom, the breeding item that allowed Older LOC to have cubs has been reworked! It now allows LOC at Level 5 to breed for extra cubs! +1 per flower, with a max of 6 cubs! You can read all the info on it on our item guide! . Anyone who currently has an Akili’s bloom will be refunded the current token value listed in Isidore’s shop!

March 4th, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - - -

A big thank you to all who participated in our rather goofy and terrifying event over on the discord! Don't forget that you can pick up your badge in our brand new Badge Thread!

We are still chugging along with the EXP implementation and transition to ARPG systems. You can currently calculate and prepare your Lions trackers for the leveling system that is soon to be completed! Another update will be offered once this thread is ready for everyone's use!

In a final note, starry--knight will be hosting "office hours" on the LOC discord starting on Saturdays. You can now chat with me, get questions immediately answered and just hang out with me as I make progress on the groups work! It's an opportunity for us all to get a little more connected and I hope to see you all there! - Starry 

March 1st, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope you've all been prepping and pulling all of your images and literature together because the day has finally come! Yes, our EXP scoring system has finally been refined and is now ready to be applied to your LOC! Currently, our leveling system and rewards that go with it are being tweaked, however we are still going to be moving forward and allowing everyone access to the EXP info page to begin scoring their artworks, asking questions and setting up trackers to submit just as soon as the leveling and rewards tiers are complete! To get started, head to our EXP info page on the website to begin scoring! 

What's this? There's some weird stuff taking place all over the land?.... is that a mustache she's wearing? Something is certainly gone wrong and it seems even some LOC are infected with this *shudders* terrifying curse. It appears only the group discord will be able to help you solve what on Lochren is going on here! Best of luck to you travelers... try not to look at them directly in the eyes! -this post has been approved by the one and only ItsAmeStarryo 

February 8th, 2020   
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ARPG EXP scoring guide is near its completion! Soon, all members will be introduced to the scoring system and we will begin the transition process with all artwork and literature over a few months time period. The current release time to begin this process is March 1st! With an ideal completion time of May 1st. Finish scoring in time will not affect your ability to participate in events/ adopts/ etc however, special rewards and prompts will require at least one LOC having their artwork and literature scored and approved to use for these activities! Thank you all for your patience! Looking forward to showing you all the crazy event stuff ahead! - starry 
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