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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 4:23 PM

Information coming soon!

CLOSED WTS Summer Joust Sign-Up

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 11, 2013, 8:57 AM
WTS Summer Joust by lionsilverwolf

Running: May 3 - July 28
Event Type: Single Class
Class/Classes: Jousting
Restrictions: Draft Only; Height Requirement 15HH

To watch the event unfold, check here  WTS Summer Joust Round 1
Well it's begun, the Summer Joust has started. The weather is not ideal, but everyone's geared up and ready to go! There's fewer participants this year but they seem more dedicated than ever, with almost every pair bringing custom armor to the tournament. This level of willpower will be hard to beat, so good luck to each of the teams in trying!
Round Start Date - May 3rd 2013; 3pm EST
Round End Date - May 17th 2013; 2pm EST
Overall Conditions
Weather - Thunderclouds and medium fog, almost like the sky is trying to hug the ground.
Joust Run - The ground is a bit muddy, be careful with your footing!
Bracket 1
RMS Thomas Marks on Fuqin Jingshen  VS  WFK Corentin Bordelon on Tuuli
Round Action: Tuuli stalls, throwing off timing for Corentin Bordelon and resulting in a sound dehorsing by

Keep an eye on the rules, everything is being updated constantly to provide the most complete information possible.
If you mess up and trip over a rule I WILL tell you and give you time to fix it!

Everyone seemed to have a grand time at last year's Summer Jousting Tournament, so here it is again folks! Or at least the pre-registration for it. Anyone willing to donate prizes, judge or offer horses for lease please send a PM with Joust Prize, Joust Judge or Joust Leasers as the title.

Current List of Participants

Fantasy draft breeds and draft-crosses are welcome as long as the height requirement is met!
Nordanners, BannerManes, O-S-H-S, Hototos, Cavittos, #SSD's, Segorahs are all welcome!

:star:Horses for Lease:star:

Registered participants who advertise the event in some way get a 5 point bonus to their first round, to be applied to one joust pair only.
Comment with a link to a deviation or journal you posted advertising the event. This offer is valid until April 20th.

:star:Current Prize List:star:
Due to the tiered layout of the Joust there will be no second or third place prizes but rather a reward for each level of the tournament a Jouster reaches. Each jouster gets the prize when they complete a level of the Tournament. Unless a prize specifies the 'winning horse' or 'winning team' the prize goes to the stable the rider is from.

The entire event will be hosted at WolfsTailStables, temporary paddocks will be set up for the horses, tents will be erected for the jousters and support staff. All facilities are open to participants and their horses.
Here is an overview of the jousting area. 
Here is a diagram of the fence/divider and placement on the joust run.

Bullet; Red Horse must be fit and capable of holding the weight of the rider (150+lbs), saddle (50+lbs), barding (50+lbs) and armor (100+lbs), must not be nursing and has a minimum height requirement of 15HH
Bullet; Red Each horse must have one training picture with rider in full armor completed before their first round, failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Bullet; Red Each jouster must be committed to the entire event, it will be tiered.
Bullet; Red Each jouster must accept the rules at the bottom of the journal.
Bullet; Red Entry form must be sent via Note Note with the title of 'WTS Joust Entry', improperly sent or improperly filled entries will be informed what they failed at, given a chance to fix it, and the revised form may be accepted. 
Bullet; Red Entrants must send in 10 Points per team as a deposit before the first round. Failure to send in points will result in you being dropped from the event. If you complete the joust (go until you lose) your points are returned. If you drop out your points contribute to a pool for the winner of the joust.
Bullet; Red This height chart must used as the background for your horse and rider's references. Horses and riders may not overlap and must be to scale. Custom armor must be on this height chart.
:bulletred: Custom armor must include a strike plate on the left shoulder as seen in the base armor.

All breeds are welcome. Wings must be kept tucked under saddlecloak during jousts.

Each entrant may request their primary and secondary color, if the selected pair is already chosen a new set will be selected. For optimum chances at getting your colors, register early and be specific, use the hex code (ie. Red is FF0000; Navy is 070A52)
Use to determine your hex code if you're not sure.
One week prior to their first joust each horse and rider will be presented a set of armor and barding in their colors. 
Entrants are allowed to design custom armor and barding if they register before April 12th, the armor/barding must be drawn on the height chart. The faceplate on the horse's armor must include clear domed eye coverings that mustcover the entire eye.

:star:Entry Form:star:
Stable Name:
Rider's Name:
Horse's Name:
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account:
Link to Height Chart:
Primary Color:
Secondary Color:
Custom Armor/Barding: Yes/No

Entry form must be sent via Note Note with the title of 'WTS Joust Entry'
You may enter more than one rider and horse pair, but you must have one confirmed entry and completed training image before submitting others. All entries after the first may be refused due to too many or too few entrants.

Stable Name: Wolf's Tail Stables
Rider's Name: Shro 
Horse's Name: WTS Erasmus
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account: WolfsTailStables
Link to Height Chart:
Primary Color: Hunter Green #102d12
Secondary Color: Cream #fdffde
Custom Armor/Barding: Yes/No
Bullet; Orange Resources Bullet; Orange
Bullet; White Lance diagram. 
Bullet; White Jouster armor PSD. 
Bullet; White Joust horse barding example.
:bulletwhite: Joust photographs from the MD Ren Fest supplied by brbarkham for reference

Bullet; Blue In the event that there is an odd-number of competitors in a round, two will be randomly drawn to compete in an additional round, by joining you agree to participate in any additional rounds.
Bullet; Blue Each competitor has one round to complete their image, failure to do so results in automatic loss. This rule will be enforced 100% this year, no leniency.
Bullet; Blue A 'round' begins on Friday at 3pm EST and ends two weeks later on Friday at 2pm EST
Bullet; Blue At the beginning of each round a journal will be posted/updated with each joust pairing for that round.
Bullet; Blue Each round will have one or more RNG elements, some will apply to the entire round and some will apply to one joust in said round, RNG elements must be adhered to.
Bullet; Orange RNG elements will be posted with each round's competition information.
Bullet; Blue Horses, riders, lances and armor must stay on-model and in scale, images will be penalized for failure to do so.
Bullet; Blue At least ⅔ of both horses and riders must be in every image.
:bulletblue: Make certain that the strike plate is always on the rider's left shoulder.
Bullet; Blue Each joust will be drawn twice, once by each competitor.
Bullet; Blue Reference images are allowed only when credited, tracing is NOT allowed.
Bullet; Blue Images will be judged on quality compared to opponent's image.
Bullet; Blue Each image counts as gift art to the opponent.
Bullet; Blue Winner of each joust will be determined by the following and more:
Bullet; Green Adherence to the RNG elements.
Bullet; Green Quality of coloring/shading.
Bullet; Green Quality of perspective/proportions.
Bullet; Green Action box

Bullet; Yellow About the Action Box: It is an inset box (think like a comic book) where, for extra points, you zoom in on some RNG element. Must be a new picture and not simply a zoomed in crop of the joust entry.

:star:Information of Interest:star:
Information that does not fit easily anywhere else will go here
:bulletorange: For ease of fitting the joust into show rankings for group point systems, at the end of the joust the participants will be ranked according to their score totals. You may treat this as their 'placing'.
:bulletyellow: Stories are not eligible for points, however they do make things a lot more interesting!
:bulletorange: Send the registration note first, after that the entry fee and the training picture, both of which must be done before the first round.
:bulletyellow: References for the joust (height chart, custom armor) count as references for group point counting. Art drawn by your opponent during the joust counts as gift art for group point counting. Training for the joust counts as a training picture for group point counting. Art drawn by you of your horse counts as show art for group point counting.

Specifics of point awarding will NOT be disclosed until after the event. DO YOUR BEST, even if you lose there's no shame!

Questions or comments? Ask below! Answers of mass interest will be posted in this journal.

The premise is simple, every time a horse sells another from the WTS For Sale folder will take its place. This will continue until the folder is empty or the first day of Fall! Fall begins September 22.

The Rules
:bulletred: Auction type will be specified on each horse.
:bulletred: Art auction horses will go until there are 10 bids.
:bulletred: Art auction bids will be judged on effort.
:bulletred: Art auction bids will be discarded if the horse is the wrong breed or is the wrong color. Each reference is new and exact to the horse it was made for.
:bulletred: Art auction bids and point auction bids must be placed on the horse's sale image.
:bulletred: Point auctions will run until the end of the sale.
:bulletred: Point auctions must be paid in a timely manner or they will go back up for sale; there is no excuse for failing to pay a point auction once you know you have won 
:bulletorange: Clarification: If there are less than ten bids on a horse by the first of Fall the winner will be chosen from the existing bids

The Fine Print
Horses purchased through the WTS Winter Sale are subject to the following
:bulletblue: Repossession if the buyer ever deactivates or is banned.
:bulletblue: Right for WolfsTailStables to reclaim if the buyer no longer wants it. 
:bulletblue: Right for WolfsTailStables to claim one future breeding, at any time.
:bulletblue: Fifty percent discount on any tack purchased from WolfsTailStables
:bulletblue: One training picture of the purchased horse in any discipline provided by lionsilverwolf

Art Auction Stallions
For Sale: WTS Whipped Cream by lionsilverwolf 0/10 For Sale: WTS Harangue by lionsilverwolf 0/10 For Sale: WTS Jumping Jack Flash by lionsilverwolf 0/10

Art Auction Mares
For Sale: WTS Funky Music by lionsilverwolf 0/10 For Sale: WTS Kachu by lionsilverwolf 0/10 For Sale: WTS Eirlys by lionsilverwolf 0/10

Point Auction Stallions
For Sale: WTS Scathing Reviews by lionsilverwolf For Sale: Stirling Grenade Lights by lionsilverwolf

Point Auction Mares
For Sale: WTS Hrigg by lionsilverwolf For Sale: Stlirling Ghostly Spook by lionsilverwolf For Sale: WTS Thunderhead by lionsilverwolf 

WTS Summer Joust Prize List

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 21, 2012, 11:46 AM
Information on how to join

Unless a prize specifies the 'winning horse' or 'winning team' the prize goes to the stable the rider is from.
Example: 'A headshot of the winning horse' as a prize, the horse gets the prize, no matter if they're leased or not.
Example: 'A breeding at ExampleStables' as a prize, the stable the rider is from gets the prize, no matter if the horse they ride is leased or not.

Full-body image of winning pair by lionsilverwolf
One training session at WolfsTailStables
Forfeited :points: pool: 40

One training session at WolfsTailStables

One training session at WolfsTailStables



Art for Others
:bulletred: Full Body of EWSAyselette 1541

:bulletred: Kamieno and foal x2

:bulletred: Reference for Calf #8

:bulletred: Reference for Wolf #1

:bulletred: Reference for Wolf #2

:bulletred: Reference for Dog #1

:bulletred: Reference for Wolf #1 & #2

:bulletred: Reference for Dog #1 & #3

:bulletred: Reference for Cub #1

:bulletred: Reference for Foal 1

:bulletred: Reference for Foal 2

:bulletred: Reference for Foal 3

:bulletred: Reference for Foal 4

:bulletred: Reference for Foal 5

:bulletred: Reference for Vampire Steed

:bulletred: Claim Cavalor design

:bulletred: Claim Kateria-horse design

WTS Summer Joust WINNER

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2012, 4:28 PM
The rounds have been run, the passes judged, the dust has settled and a winner has been crowned!
In the final round, winning by a super tight FOUR points...

WynBird's Julius Edward on WBF Gentle Fallout

Boast of This, I Can by WynBird Training for the joust.
It's Only A Game! by WynBird Round 1, won by 30 points!
Lacrimae Adstantium by WynBird Round 2, won by 10 points!
Of Crossed Lances by WynBird Quarter Finals, won by 30 points!
A Closed Mouth... by WynBird Finals, won by 4 points!

Champion Jouster Trophy by lionsilverwolf
Other prizes won by this team include:
WTS Summer Joust Participant 2012 Ribbon by DovieCaba :thumb304925999: :thumb304810916:
A heaping pile of :points:
Full-body picture of winning horse by lionsilverwolf
Headshot of winning horse by skygallop
Headshot of winning horse by lionsilverwolf
BannerManes design donated by FreeWay4

RRD Training Challenge Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2012, 2:33 PM
(RRD) WTS Fireball Whiskey by lionsilverwolf

Event 1

RRD Event 1 by lionsilverwolf

Event 2

RRD Event 2 by lionsilverwolf RRD Event 2 by lionsilverwolf

WTS Summer Joust Lease Horses

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2012, 8:35 AM
Horses for Lease
All horses for lease here are available only for use in the WTS Summer Jousting Tournament and associated events. The only terms of the lease are that they are at minimum used for the Joust.

WolfsTailStables' Galaxy Butt by lionsilverwolf WTS Ivsco by lionsilverwolf WTS Soto by lionsilverwolf WTS Dusk by lionsilverwolf WTS Love of Humanity by lionsilverwolf
Firelight-Stables' FLS Cosmic Blast by mapal FLS Pictures of You by mapal FLS Party In Paradise by mapal Jar of Hearts by mapal A Fire Inside by mapal
That Awkward Moment... by mapal <- On the left Volare by mapal <- On the right
Vale-Estates VE Adelaide by JadeRavenWolf VE Amaretat by JadeRavenWolf VE Avis by JadeRavenWolf SIACS Stepping On Daisies Adult by RowanWolves VE Latona by JadeRavenWolf Shag by RowanWolves
bovidaeloony I'm So Pretty by bovidaeloony FFS American Beauty by bovidaeloony FFS Tale as Old as Time by bovidaeloony Everlasting Rose by bovidaeloony FFS Crusade of Charlemagne by bovidaeloony
White-Cross-Estate 4358 Fifa ***** by WynBird 4745 Between the Raindrops by WynBird 5523 Sir Nicholas by WynBird Joust Champion -- WBF Gentle Fallout by WynBird
Andvakan Andvakan _03 by Rosela Andvakan _11 by Rosela Andvakan_13 by Rosela Andvakan_17 by Rosela
CFH-Registry CFH Import 11 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 12 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 13 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 14 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 15 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 16 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 17 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 18 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 19 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf CFH Import 20 - Reserved by JadeRavenWolf

WTS Summer Races -Results-

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 18, 2012, 4:04 AM
Running: June 20th 2012 - June 10th 2013
Event Type: Races
Classes: Flat Race, Steeplechase, Hunter Pace, Harness Race, In-Hand Race
Restrictions: None


:new: Prizes :new:
To be split among all placers: 450 :points: donated by RVR-And-More
1st Place Receives: 20 :points: donated by lionsilverwolf
A headshot by YankeesFaves
A journal feature by YankeesFaves
A breeding with one of The-White-Cottages horses found here
2nd Place Receives: A journal feature by YankeesFaves
A breeding with one of The-White-Cottages horses found here
3rd Place Receives: A journal feature by YankeesFaves
A breeding with one of The-White-Cottages horses found here

:bulletred: No premade lineart
:bulletred: Must use your horse or a horse you've leased
:bulletred: All breeds (ALL) welcome, non-equine included (all animals will be referred to as 'horses' in the rules)
:bulletred: Must be full body, rider fully included
:bulletred: Must be colored
:bulletred: Enter as many horses as you want, each horse may only enter each class once (maximum three classes overall, per horse)
:bulletred: Background required
:bulletred: Each image only counts for one event
:bulletred: Every ten entries in each class will be separated into a racing group
:bulletred: Training pictures - You may include one training picture with each entry, it will be judged on the same standards as the actual entry and will add half their value to the entry 
:new: Ghost horses are in italics, the highest a ghost can score is 15 points and are used to fill out to 5 or 10 only on races where they can make a difference.

:bulletblue: Flat Race - 1.5 mile track - Ages 3+
:bulletpurple: Steeplechase - 2 mile track - Ages 3+
:bulletblue: Hunter Pace - 5 mile trail - Ages 4+
:bulletpurple: Harness Race - 1.5 mile track - Ages 3+
:bulletblue: In-Hand Race - .5 mile track - Ages 1-2

Flat Race

1.5 mile dirt track, horses ages 3+ only
Appropriate riding tack required - Light saddle, bridle, helmet
  1. Blackbird 34 (22 + 12)
  2. Hex the Ocean 31 (24 + 7)
  3. Colonial Harvest 31 (22 + 9)
  4. Alqualondë 29
  5. Scattered Storms 21 (12 + 9)
  6. Valkyries Ride 18
  7. 12
  8. 7
  9. 5
  10. 5
  1. Asauchi 49 (33 + 16)
  2. Drag & Drop 43 (27 + 16)
  3. Bittersweet Symphony 28 (17 + 11)
  4. Dragon Tattoo 20 (12 + 8)
  5. Wowmbawt 13
  6. 9
  7. 7
  8. 5
  9. 3
  10. 1


2 mile turf track, solid obstacles, horses ages 3+ only
Appropriate riding tack required - Saddle, bridle, helmet
  1. Devil's in the Details 18
  2. Tupan 12
  3. 6
  4. 4
  5. 3

Hunter Pace

5 mile wooded trail, horses ages 4+ only
Appropriate riding tack required - Saddle with collar, bridle, helmet
  1. Dark Side of the Moon 21

Harness Race

1.5 mile dirt track, horses ages 3+ only
Appropriate driving tack required - Sulky
  1. Oprichnik 34
  2. Beznadega 32

In-Hand Race
In-Hand is with the Handler running alongside or just in front of the foal, leading them down the half mile track. Appropriate tack is a halter or bridle, lead rope, and whatever the handler find necessary for them to run in with a bunch of young horses around them!

.5 mile dirt track, horses ages 1-2 only
Appropriate leading tack required - Bridle or halter
  1. Miss Topsail 41 (31 + 10)
  2. Seron 37 (28 + 9)
  3. Raya 34 (22 + 12)
  4. Ashvader 17 (9 + 8)
  5. Valentina 12
  6. 11
  7. 10
  8. 7
  9. 5
  10. 5

All races will be judged on apparent effort, the point ruberic used to judge will not be made available to participants until after the races. Just do your best!

Questions or Comments?
Post below! They will be answered in a timely manner!

WTS Summer Joust Participants

Journal Entry: Mon May 28, 2012, 10:09 AM
WTS Summer Joust by lionsilverwolf

REGISTRATION EXTENDED WTS 3rd Annual Summer JoustRegistration: April 7 - May 26 June 23
Running: June 2 - July 14 June 30 - August 11
Event Type: Single Class
Class/Classes: Jousting
Restrictions: Draft Only; Height Requirement 15HH
Leases Available: Yes

:new:The event has been delayed and registration extended as there are not enough entrants! Spread the word, anyone who advertises gets 5 bonus points towards their qualifying image! If you get someone else to sign up then your entry fee is reduced to 10 (TEN) :points: (from 40), the difference will be refunded to those who've already paid. :new:
:iconLOUHD: Sponsored
:iconHARPG-Equestrians: Sanctioned
:iconO-S-H-S: Sanctioned
:icontiwha: :iconda-igghr: :iconall-warhorses:
The Wolf’s Tail Ranch & Stables is located in the peaceful, pastoral beauty of low rolling hills and farm dotted plains of the Minnesota River Valley in southwestern Minnesota. The ranch is an ecologically friendly, wor


Joust track turn-around
Height chart
Jouster armor diagram
Joust barding diagram
Lance diagram
Jousting diagram


:iconlionsilverwolf: lionsilverwolf


:iconbovidaeloony: bovidaeloony :bulletgreen:
Stable Name: Flying Feather Stables
Rider's Name: Richard Leos
Horse's Name: FFS Chivalry
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account
Link to Height Chart
Requested Team Colors: white/blue, white/green

:iconagent-q-amalgamation: Agent-Q-Amalgamation :bulletgreen:
Stable Name: Agent Q Stables
Rider's Name: Will Grihm
Horse's Name: Humanity's Mendip Blagdon "Mandy"
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account
Link to Height Chart
Requested Team Colors: white/black, white/lime

:iconmorganleslee: MorganLeslee :bulletgreen:
Stable Name: Aurora Olympian
Rider's Name: Nicholas Mitchell
Horse's Name: WR Prince Theaddeis (Teddy)
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account
Link to Height Chart
Requested Team Colors: black/purple, black/gold

:iconeverlastingstables: EverlastingStables :bulletgreen:
Stable Name: Everlasting Stables
Rider's Name: Alicia McClellan
Horse's Name: ELS Armed for War
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account
Link to Height Chart
Requested Team Colors: black/red , black/blue

:iconseri-goyle: Seri-goyle :bulletgreen:
Stable Name: Hex Sign Stables
Rider's Name: James DuPree
Horse's Name: Lord Rahl 3492
Link to Stable Group/Journal/Account
Link to Height Chart
Requested Team Colors: black/blue, white/lime

Horse Life Randomizer

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 26, 2012, 7:45 PM
Basic Concept: A table to roll on (with to toss some interest into your horse's daily activities!
Recommended Use: Depending on how much you want to draw, either once a week pick a horse and roll for them, do a roll for each training/show/birth, or roll for every horse every day!
Lend a Hand: If you have any suggestions for any categories post a comment!
An excellent resource for specific kinds of injuries and ailments !

In the Pasture
1-65 Nothing happens!
66-70 Underate
71-75 Overate
76-85 Got in a fight (roll Injuries)
86-95 Had an accident (roll Injuries)
96-100 Got sick (roll Illness)
101-110 Predation (roll Injuries twice)

In the Stall
1-50 Nothing happens!
51-60 Losing weight
61-70 Putting on weight
71-80 Got sick (roll Illness)
81-100 Developed a stall habit
101-110 Barn fire (roll Injuries twice)

During Training
1-90 Nothing happens!
91-100 Had an accident (roll Injuries)

During Transport
1-90 Nothing happens!
91-100 Had an accident (roll Injuries)

During Showing
1-70 Nothing happens!
71-80 Refuses to do correct behavior
81-90 Panicked
91-100 Had an accident (roll Injuries)

1-60 Light injury; requires bandage
61-80 Medium injury; requires stitches
81-95 Serious injury; requires cast/surgery
96-100 Immediate death
1-10 Front Leg
11-20 Hind Leg
21-25 Head
26-30 Neck
31-45 Barrel
46-55 Rump

1-30 Colic
31-35 Cushing's
36-38 Encephalomy
39-41 EPM
42-44 Equine Infectious Anemia
45-54 Equine Herpes Virus
55-64 Founder
65-74 Influenza
75-77 Rain Rot
78-84 Ringworm
85-87 Strangles
88-93 Tetanus
94-96 Thrush
97-100 Worms
1-20 One - Seven Days
21-35 One - Two Weeks
36-50 Three - Four Weeks
51-60 One - Two Months
61-70 Three - Six Months
71-80 Half - One Year
81-90 One - Three years
91-100 Four Years - Life

Stall Habits
1-13 Kicking
14-26 Weaving
27-45 Circling
46-64 Chewing
65-75 Cribbing
76-90 Rubbing
91-100 Pawing

Pregnant Mares
1-45 Healthy birth!
46-90 Not ready yet!
91-93 Stillborn
94-100 Complication (roll Complications)
101-103 Twins! (Roll again)

1-10 Stillborn
11-30 Retained placenta
31-40 Uterine tear
41-50 Uterine artery rupture
61-70 Vaginal tear

Free Horse Adoptables - OFFline

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2012, 1:40 PM
Commission Information

So <!a href="">Join.Me!

Join.Me has a built in chat function, just click the speech bubble and say 'hi!'. To set your nick, click on the person icon and then on yourself (if you just got in, you're the highest number).

I love talking with people watching the stream!