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So first of, happy holidays everyone! It's a bit late now, but in some way it still is the holidays. Depends on your definition I suppose. Anyway, I also wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new year! :party:

Now, I kinda missed uploading anything Christmas-y, at least anything photography related. That's because I haven't done much these past days. But I got some money for Christmas and I'm probably gonna buy a new lens, so there'll be more uploads again. In the meantime, I hope I can make up for the lack of pictures with some tiger pics. I know, I uploaded so many already, but I can't help going to the zoo because he's just sooo cute! :3 So uhm, for now, there's only one because I'm busy, but more tiger pics are following, I hope you're not getting bored by them.
Eye of the Tiger by Lionpelt-66
He knows what's up. He's staring into your soul.

Enjoy your days off, if you can (like me hehe) and have a good start in 2014!!
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Submitted on
December 27, 2013