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Sexy Moll and Lora

Here's a censored version of Mothra's twin fairies: Moll and Lora. I plan to post some of my NSFW artwork here, but's heavily censored and the full thing on my Pixiv account you guys can see on the link below.

Link to the full pic:…

Moll and Lora belongs to Toho Ltd.
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Didn't know you were into drawing adult stuff.

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Been drawing them for quite awhile, but only posting the stuff that'll be green lit on DeviantArt

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Lovely! Definitely one of the sexiest renditions of the Shobijin I’ve seen - that tan tribal girl look and the thigh-high stockings in the full version are just sooo very hot.

Really love the mirrored tribal tats and the different-colored bows as a subtle way to differentiate between the two as well, very good character design!

gorgeously sexy and bouncy


My thoughts exactly

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these two are very Sexy

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I could see these ladies more as warriors, which would be nice. In some other universe, maybe Moll and Lara were ancient guardians.

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