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Lion King Christmas Patchwork by Juffs
A Lion's Gathering: A group-wide collaboration by Juffs
Lion King Paper Montage by Juffs
Lion King Christmas Patchwork
Merry christmas! by WelpPwr
lion king story tellers patchwork by MilC2
Banzai wish you a Merry Christmas by Winxzafir
Vitani at Christmas by animal-lover-247
Weekly theme challenge
Up the hill by Juffs
Scar's threat-'Survival' for#LionKingStorytellers by Emma786
Simba's olympics by MilC2
Hawkeye's duty to serve by Juffs
Pre-Lion King: Your Story
Look at the Stars.. by Sapphic-Lioness
Hidden Story by kcarp78
One Happy Family by kcarp78
// Tempest Sea \\ Page 6 by Sapphic-Lioness
TLK I - The Original Story
The Lion King - Kula's Reflection by imaginativegenius099
The Lion King - Kula's Nightmare by imaginativegenius099
The Shadow of the Father. Page 29 by MafumasArt
The Shadow of the Father. Page 28 by MafumasArt
TLK I - Alternative Universe
Lian's Story English - #17 by LillyDiaz18
Lian's Story English - #16 by LillyDiaz18
Lian's Story English - #15 by LillyDiaz18
Lian's Story English - #14 by LillyDiaz18
TLK II - The Original Story
The Lion King - Playing in the Mud by imaginativegenius099
For HydraCarina: The Lion King - Me and Grandma by imaginativegenius099
For Blumalou: The Lion King - Kiara's Paradise by imaginativegenius099
For Katanary: The Lion King - Morning Stroll by imaginativegenius099
TLK II - Alternative Universe
The Leocracy Pg. 33 by Anubis-hound
The Leocracy Pg. 34 by Anubis-hound
The Leocracy pg. 32 by Anubis-hound
The Leocracy pg. 31 by Anubis-hound
Kiara and Kovu's Eldest by Sapphic-Lioness
Three Friends-Remake- by kraxchet
the unseen shadow page 8 by thereina
Post-Lion King: Your Story
Pixel Lion - Chatatu by Clankerss
Pixel Lioness - Amani by Clankerss
Pixel Lioness - Mlezi by Clankerss
Aunt Vitani by Clankerss
Kion-related universe
The night they met by LillyDiaz18
A Lion's Gathering: Mega Collab
A Lion's Gathering: A group-wide collaboration by Juffs
Contest 2 - A Lion King funny
Scar plays twister instead by Captain-Petra
Paper Montage
Lion King Paper Montage by Juffs
Contest 1 - A Pridelands Welcoming
A Prideland's Welcoming entry by Saeralsti
Secret Santa Submissions
The  King by monika36
(CE) Road to Betrayal by DragonPinkiePie
Crackship Adoptables Headshots OTA - OPEN (2/5) by The-Golden-Tigress

Submission Guidelines


:bulletred: DO NOT SUBMIT TO 'FEATURED'. Any other submissions will be declined.

:bulletred: The theme of this group is storytelling. Therefore, we will ONLY accept art which expresses a concept, idea, story, scenario, etc. No character sheets, no manipulations, no lineart, no stand-alone portrait shots, nothing that does not in some way tell a story or illustrate a concept/idea/sentiment. It is generally preferred that, if it's not self evident, the concept be described in the artist comments. No mature content will be accepted.

:bulletred: Sketches are acceptable. However, we do not encourage half-finished pieces, stick drawings or five minute doodles done in Paint. Bases are not permitted as we believe that the storytelling capacity using base art is limited.

:bulletred: Stories which are entirely text are not accepted. This group is dedicated to visual appreciation. All comics and illustrated short stories are welcome.

:bulletred: This group is dedicated to the entire Lion King universe, which includes canon and semi-canon characters. Original characters fitting into this universe (Nala's dad and other family tree members) are acceptable within canon-context. Entire new prides, or original characters by themselves, are not.

:bulletred: Please submit art to the correct folder. If unsure, leave a note asking. Art submitted to incorrect folders will be declined. All declined art will be accompanied by an explanation - so feel free to rectify the problem and resubmit.

:bulletred: A note on comics -
If it's led by an OC character or characters, with no/minor/occasional interactions with semi-canons or canons, that is not acceptable. If it is OC characters, or starts with an OC character, but is gearing towards a mostly canon or semi-canon cast within a few pages, and will actually ultimately be led by a semi-canon or canon, it's acceptable.

In short: canon or semi-canon with OC support is fine, but OC with canon or semi-canon support is not fine. Canon/semi must be the focus.




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