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I find that saying the more things change the more they stay the same is true. Recently I've come across someone who has broken part of this slump i've been in. While i'm still lackign the ability to put my pencil on paper and draw again my creativity has taken root in another form. In my poems and stories. THe stories stay in my head because I use them for D&D but the poems are comming freely, I keep posting them as they hit me if I remember them. I must's nice
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I'm glad I decided to finally get a page here for DA, My art has just been sitting around and i want to get it out there a bit more as well as start to work on more and more peices. Plus...I get to post some of my poetry that I have not allowed anyone to see ever until now. I encourage anyone who reads this to comment on my works and leave me some feedback. As for now I will sign off so that I can get some things scanned and posed.