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I've come to a junction in my road in life
Two paths lay waiting
Each one holding it's own sorrow and joy
I stop on the road to take a few moments
To wait and see if someone will come
To walk next to me and share that joy
And to lean on when the sorrow begins to weigh down
No matter what happens I will keep the smile on my face
Because no matter what I will have enjoied
Those times that brought me to where I am
My heart will always hold dear
For now I wait and enjoy the break from things
And that will make it all the more sweet
Should you find our paths join
For when I start out again
We can walk hand in hand
And be joined at the heart
I'm not sure about this one either. Things moved pretty quick for me all of a sudden and I've chosen to wait where I am.
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August 24, 2007
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