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I have spent my days longing
Dreaming of spending time with you
My heart hurts with each passing moment
i want to run to your arms
I imagine them holding me close
Your fingertips move through my hair
Soft lips pressed to my head
I need you now more than ever
But I don't know how to tell you
That as I lay there alone in bed
My heart goes out to you
I know that one day we will unite
I keep trying to look foreward to then
And try to not let my problems plauge
If I can just hold on a bit more
Then I might be in your arms
And this longing in my soul
Might come to an end
I havn't been around much due to some major events in my life. I'll try to post a few more poems as I get the chance but I can't promise anythign until I have a stable internet connection. I hope you all like this one thought
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September 12, 2007
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