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I've found my self dreaming of things lately
A distant hope that I thought was gone
A chance to find once more where my happiness lies

I long to stare into your eyes
Those orbs that continue like the endless ocean

I long to feel you against me again
A warmth that fills up my very soul

Is it wrong of me to be jelious?
Watching your lips carress anothers
While I imagine that one day it might be my very own

I dream of these things every night
Every motion captured
Each moment more perfect than the last

I wake to feel you there with me
My eyes longing to actually have you there

So I close my eyes and continue to dream
While my body continues to fight

And as I dream I smile at the thought
That one day your lips will be against mine
And with an angelic whisper utter to me
Those words which I ache to hear
This is a poem i was hit with while I was working today, I've had a bit more of my creativity brought out by a situtation I happen to be in. I'm going to spare the logistics but the person who this is for will know it's them when they read it
MadMouseMedia Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007
Hey do you still want december for the day of the calendar. If not I need to know soon. I've already got a back up. I just need a yes or a no since you've not responded to notes i sent T_T brooowwwwww-pokes-
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August 7, 2007
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