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I lay here and  watch the stars falling from the sky
I can't help but take a moment and wonder why
My mind can't seem to shake the thoughts of you
All of them moments that may get me through

I know one day you will be here in my arms
Allowing me to keep you warm and safe from harm
And until that day comes I will lay in wait
Knowing full well the rest I leave to fate

But as I watch the starts fall down to me
I reach out to them hopeing to see
The dreams that they bring on their trail down
That firey glow falling all around

And in my heart that fire seems to burn
My skin and mind both begining to yurn
To have you come down from the stars above
And allow me to confide with you my love
This creativity I feel lately is rather unexpected. I've tried to get it out onto paper in more drawings, but it makes it's way out in the form of poems. At this rate perhaps I should enter some of them in poetry competions or something.
Etain-McCloud Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I like the imagery you use here in this poem. I often times have a hard time keeping that certain someone off my mind. I also find that in times of longing I am the most creative.
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