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I have spent my days longing
Dreaming of spending time with you
My heart hurts with each passing moment
i want to run to your arms
I imagine them holding me close
Your fingertips move through my hair
Soft lips pressed to my head
I need you now more than ever
But I don't know how to tell you
That as I lay there alone in bed
My heart goes out to you
I know that one day we will unite
I keep trying to look foreward to then
And try to not let my problems plauge
If I can just hold on a bit more
Then I might be in your arms
And this longing in my soul
Might come to an end
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 1 0
Floating high
I found myself looking up a mountain
Streching up to the heavans above
I took a single step foreward
Begining to acend
The air is cold but I push on
My breath is short but I continue on
It makes the summit even more beautiful
I can reach out to the coulds and hold them
My fingertips move through the air
Playing a symphony in the sky
Each melody I dedicate to you
For you are the reason that I forge ahead
And as I look down from the heavens above
My eyes search for you
I want to bring you up with me
And let you make music all your own
Pulling you away from where you are now
To allow you to feel as I did up there
For this is where you belong
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 0 2
The future
I've come to a junction in my road in life
Two paths lay waiting
Each one holding it's own sorrow and joy
I stop on the road to take a few moments
To wait and see if someone will come
To walk next to me and share that joy
And to lean on when the sorrow begins to weigh down
No matter what happens I will keep the smile on my face
Because no matter what I will have enjoied
Those times that brought me to where I am
My heart will always hold dear
For now I wait and enjoy the break from things
And that will make it all the more sweet
Should you find our paths join
For when I start out again
We can walk hand in hand
And be joined at the heart
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 1 0
Dreaming of you
I dream of you all night long
Those are my most pleasent thoughts
The time where I get to relax
That happiness I feel is pure and true
And it fills up my soul
Even in my mind your touch is electric
I feel complete with you in my arms
When you look into my eyes and speak
I imagine that you say those things you say in my dream
If I hold on just a little longer
If I can just make it a little more
Then very soon
I wont have to dream of those moments
I will hold you in my arms
And I will feel your skin
I will continue to dream
But it will be of us
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 0 0
How to forget
How can I forget?
The way you feel against me
How soft your skin felt
The feeling inside of me
How can I forget?
Those moments that never fade
The minutes that lasted years
Those precious times
How can I forget?
That feeling that swells up within
Making my heart full
Forcing me to dream again
How can I foget
How much I had fallen
How much I wanted to say
The fact that I love you
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 0 0
I need a chance
I want to find a moment
Where I can pour my heart out to you
When I can be at my most vulnerable and exposed
But that moment seems to fade
I collect myself and wait
Until I begin to loose my paitent self
The heart is always willing
But the mind never is
I find the moment drawing close
And my heart leaps for joy
The words resting on my lips
And spoken into the air
It's just myself in the mirror
Looking to say it right
For when I allow those words to leave my lips
To rest gently on your ear
I know that when I speak fully
They will say I love you dear
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 0 0
Falling like the stars
I lay here and  watch the stars falling from the sky
I can't help but take a moment and wonder why
My mind can't seem to shake the thoughts of you
All of them moments that may get me through
I know one day you will be here in my arms
Allowing me to keep you warm and safe from harm
And until that day comes I will lay in wait
Knowing full well the rest I leave to fate
But as I watch the starts fall down to me
I reach out to them hopeing to see
The dreams that they bring on their trail down
That firey glow falling all around
And in my heart that fire seems to burn
My skin and mind both begining to yurn
To have you come down from the stars above
And allow me to confide with you my love
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 0 1
Love maybe...
Each time I close my eyes I start to think
I slip into a world of which I never want to wake
Each word, each thought
All of them glimpses of a possible future
I can't help but think
I can't help but wonder
Then I dream I see you there
I feel your body there with me
All of my fantasies are fufilled
And I can't help but think
And I can't help but wonder
My pencil touches paper
Like fingertips against your skin
My mind is racing with thoughts
My heart starts to beat faster
And then I come to realize
And then I come to know
That maybe these things filling me up
Might be that which has escaped me
They might be that things which people are to eager to give
That emotion sometimes mistaken
Each of us is capable of it
But few know when it's right
Pehaps that thing I feel
Is a little crazy thing
A four letter word
Perhaps it's just that simple littte thing
It doesn't need to be spoken
And now I have to choose
And now I have to Act
I'ts been called many things in the past
Most call it love
but as
:iconlionheartx042:LionheartX042 1 2
I can't loose this dream...
I've found my self dreaming of things lately
A distant hope that I thought was gone
A chance to find once more where my happiness lies
I long to stare into your eyes
Those orbs that continue like the endless ocean
I long to feel you against me again
A warmth that fills up my very soul
Is it wrong of me to be jelious?
Watching your lips carress anothers
While I imagine that one day it might be my very own
I dream of these things every night
Every motion captured
Each moment more perfect than the last
I wake to feel you there with me
My eyes longing to actually have you there
So I close my eyes and continue to dream
While my body continues to fight
And as I dream I smile at the thought
That one day your lips will be against mine
And with an angelic whisper utter to me
Those words which I ache to hear
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I find that saying the more things change the more they stay the same is true. Recently I've come across someone who has broken part of this slump i've been in. While i'm still lackign the ability to put my pencil on paper and draw again my creativity has taken root in another form. In my poems and stories. THe stories stay in my head because I use them for D&D but the poems are comming freely, I keep posting them as they hit me if I remember them. I must's nice
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