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I know, i know.. I don't make stuff alot, and i don't update my DeviantArt alot.. I know. What can i say?

However, i do have an update.. I made a Harley Quinn graphic... FINALLY. I'm sure that there will be more to come including Ivy and Catwoman as well.. However, i had to do the mistress of mischief herself first. Hope ya like it.

Also, why is it that i only update this thing real early in the mornings. O_o

Goodnight, Folks! :D
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So, i've been doing a bit of photoshopping yesterday and today and have posted both a Megaman graphic, as well as Link from Legend of Zelda as per request of my good friend Cat. Who's Deviant Art page is

She's very good at drawing.. Check her out... Anyway.. I shall continue to photoshop, and hopefully the Artistic Deviants like what i make.

And now, i shall go curl up on my Futon, and slumber.

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Hey, well i'm Kevin.. I've been on DA before.. But i never end up staying on for too long.. Hopefully i can this time.. I really do need to get back to photoshopping like i used to.. Annyway, a little while ago, i posted a graphic i made of Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken. Hope you all like it. ^_^
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