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Wanted - Twilight Sparkle

Edit: For those wondering how this was made, here's a video tutorial I cooked up:…

In the line of the 'Pirate Mares' universe. Download gives the full-size Image.

Following the suggestion of my wife after she saw some animated images like that, I set out to do a test on how I'd go doing something like that.

In short: It takes time. It's like making a flash puppet in photoshop where even the shadows and highlights have to match perfectly.
Not to mention it required a few tests before that. But in the end, here she is. The Mage: Twilight Sparkle.


An up and coming scientist in theoretical magic Twilight almost had her path paved in front of her.  Her papers were making her the talk of the magic community and her ideas for increasing food production were regarded as revolutionary. The large food businesses supplying the colonies like Ponyville Docks, however, saw this as a huge dent in their profits.
The nobles governing the colonies saw this as a possible way to reach self-sustenance and a path leading to the rise of independant colonies, which did not sit well with the mainland Nobles. Twilight was ordered to cease magical experimentation, turn over her research to the Crown or "Suffer the consequences".

After her research got seized by the crown, she continued her experiments on growing food magically at Zecora's, only to find herself a fugitive for helping a Zebrican 'Slave' escape from 'justice'. She joined Captain Pinkie on the Sugarcube as navigator and mage.

Stories float on the 13 seas that, in her madness, she delved in necromancy and can summon the fallen to her aid. (She knows it's not true, but it keeps trouble away to some extent. She is, in fact, working on an illusion spell that would make it appear as though she is accompanied by the dead. No sense in letting such a good story go to waste!)
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Has she done something wrong?

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It would make sense in all her reading her outfit would be manga inspired. 
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Wanted warrant ?
only lack the reward and will be perfect

add reward pls 
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that loks smoth. :D (Big Grin) 
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Smart Cookie! And this is awesome!
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Steady as she goes!
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Dang. ALL of your posters for the Crew are epic. Their stories are so cool too...but I sense family troubles if Shining Armor is still Twilight's brother in this universe. Possibly. If he went into the Guard here like in canon. To say nothing of Cadance....
Lionheartcartoon's avatar
That's all gonna be in a story somewhere.. just because they are in cannon doesn mean I will add them in :)  it all depends on the story's direction :)
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The animation quality is fantastic, but I think the lore behind how she became a Pirate Mare is even better.  I mean, thats badass af!  Nice work! :3
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Many thanks :)  I really want to have a story to show but right now I'm still working out some kinks in said 'lore' :)
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Well I wish you the best in it! :D
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I don't know much abou your Pirate Mares story, but who/what is the "Crown?"

On a side note, your art is great and I would like to see about this whole, Pirate Mares story. It's a really interesting idea, and I would definitely like to see this.
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I would elaborate, but that would be telling..  but rest assured that I'm working towards something with the story, albeit a bit slowly.

I'll let everyone know when I get a chapter up :)
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Cool. Hey, if you ever need an editor to see your work before the rest of the Internet... I'm here. lol 
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Awww twilight sparkle so gorgeous
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No sé si habías visto esto... Pero no te lo pierdas :la:
Está bueno el de Fluttershy :XD:
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Esta genial! La la la la La la la la 

me gusta el de rarity :3
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:XD: A mí el de Rarity y el de Zecora ~~

Sí, estaba navegando por ahí, y entonces me encontré con estos, y pensé, bueno, mi onechan no se lo puede perder...
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Es tan Lindo de tu parte!  .3. Heart 
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