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Wanted - Rarity

Edit: For those wondering how this was made, here's a video tutorial I cooked up:…

Ok... while she seems elaborate, she was a bit less problematic to work on than, say, Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie (Twilight having been the first real test)

Her tail being in sections rather than a mass (even if I did NOT make it in sections to animate) comes off much better I think :)
Plus, having her sword drawn and at the ready is something I had the idea to do ever since I thought of those 'Wanted' posters :meow:

She's essentially the Swordsmare of the group.


Magical seamstress with a franchised fashion boutique chain from Port Canterlot, Rarity had recently opened her latest store in Ponyville docks.  Be it by luck, influence or plain hard work for her craft, she became known by the whole town as a generous pony.  Great friends with her sponsor (And investor), Fancy Pants, she became even greater friends with his wife, Fleur de Lys.

In his last letter however, Fancy pants was fearing for his life as he was in defense of the Zebrican's way of life.  He had apparently found out they were being traded as slaves in the sugar plantations.

Soon enough, crown guards were knocking at her door to arrest her and Fleur for conspiracy.  Knowing she was innocent and bent on helping Fleur and her friend, she resisted arrest, showing off incredible skills with a sword. 

Rarity can litterally thread a needle with that blade.  With Twilight's help, she enchanted a special stone on a ring and the hilt of the sword to react only to Rarity's magic.  It is nearly impossible for her to lose her grip on that weapon, except if she falls unconscious.

That makes many beleive that the spirit of her long-lost husband inhabits the sword and defends his wife, earning her the nickname of 'White Widow'.

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This artwork makes me feel like Rarity has become a dangerous evildoer and it looks rad. She makes a really good misdemeanor in that one. I admire it.

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Imagine the surprise of those powerful ponies if they found that armed ships crewed by cloaked ponies or who ever is underneath the cloaks accompanied by staff wielding spined armored figures each differently colored preventing slave ships from entering Zebrica as any ships leaving found having Zebras on board to be sent into slavery were suddenly captured with their crews detained and their "cargo" confiscated as other ships bearing a strange flag had their bows open as ramps fall down allowing more staff wielding spined armored figures that are accompanied by hulking armored "golems" and large four-legged spider like creatures to disembark with entirely different intentions than what the slavers had which where given a message "Tell your employers the Zebrican Lands are now under Penumbra Lands protection any further attempts to enslave the zebras are to cease permanently failing to comply will not be tolerated as any ships found carrying zebras will have their cargo confiscated by force if necessary."  while some of the plantation owners found lands planned to be used were unsuitable to be used while factory owners had similar problems with the only thing linking them was the sight of a mysterious figure enshrouded by darkness a day or two before with some reports saying the figure bore the likeness of a pony or a bipedal stature though few of them mentioned family tales of a towering figure who commanded shadows without the usage of magic told to the investigators by the pony who reported the sighting though some recited a poem that sounded like a warning. Yes I know they'd be non canon but that doesn't mean you can't use it as inspiration but please do tell me if you like this.
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These posters are awesome
absolutely love the rapier, darling!!
awesome picture!
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Cool and fabulous! :D

Interesting description too.
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Somehow a rapier lazily bobbing in thin air looks incredibly menacing, reminds me of something out of Arabian myths.
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beautiful i love it
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Wow! You're so awesome!
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you do alot of this then u hate little pony
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This is Awesome! Amazing Job!
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"out of all honesty, she looks like she was in the count of monte cresto movie"
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Stories made up because she wears a ring on her horn.  She only has eyes for the mysterious 'Spiked Hat' that seems to be around wherever her and her crewmates happen to be :meow:
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Spiked hat?  We needs art work of him!  I must know more, love to scribble some tales (no pun intended).
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Wanted for being.... FABULOUS!
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Of course Rarity's a fencer.  This girl couldn't be something that -wasn't- elegant and graceful! :) Well played! And the story is quite fitting for her generous nature!
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"Delicate in every way but one
(The swordplay)
God knows we like archaic kinds of fun
(The old way)
Chance is the only game I play with (baby)
We let our battles choose us...
"Glory and gore go hand in hand..."
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This makes me go out in another sea shanty "Rule, Equestria!"
(Parody of an old Royal Navy song, "Rule, Brittania!")

When Equestria first, at princess' command
Arose from out the azure mane
Arose, arose from out the azure mane
This was the charter, the charter of the land,
And alicorn angels sang this strain

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)

The chaos, not so blessed as thee,
Must, in their turns, to abyss fall
Must, in their turns, to abyss fall
While thou shalt flourish, shalt great and free,
The proud and grateful of them all.

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)

Still more majestic shalt thou rise,
More dreadful from each evil stroke,
Dreadful, dreadful from each evil stroke,
As the chaos that shrieks the skies
Serves but to spread like poison joke

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)

These arrogant kings never shall tame,
All their attempts to bend us down,
All their attempts to bend us down,
Will but arouse thou harmonic flame
Work their elements with the crown

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)

To thee belongs the rural rein
Thy landmarks shall with friendship shine
Thy landmarks shall with friendship shine
All thine shall be the subject main
And every shore rings with chime

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)

The magic, still with freedom found,
Shall bring the cheer to colt and mare,
Shall bring the cheer to colt and mare
O Blest them two! With matchless beauties crown'd
And shining hearts to guard the fair

Rule, Equestria! Equestria rule the waves
Ponies never never shall be slaves! (2x)
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Can you make one for my OC?
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what raryti doe?
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ugh*facedesk* It's so pretty, meanwhile I can't even get the particles to loop like that. Just aaahhh It's so amazing!
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Fucking AWESOME!
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