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Wanted - FlutterShy

Edit: For those wondering how this was made, here's a video tutorial I cooked up:…

Thanks to some insightful fellow fans, I managed to keep it a Gif at an even smaller size! Woohoo!

Still part of the 'Pirate Mares' line. Flutters was a bit more of a challenge due to her long mane and tail. But without going too much in detail, I'd say thins turned out nicely :) I also made the particles around her like Butterflies (Like her CutieMark) to shake things up compared to Pinkie and Twi. These things are turning out to be nice little challenges :)


Once the caretaker of the animals on the Apple's farm, Fluttershy offered her roof to the Apple family when a tornado destroyed their home and part of their orchard. Upon learning from Applejack that said tornado had been ordered by a businesspony so he could buy the farm and the Apple's business, her cry was heard all over Ponyville Docks. Going something like this: "Those.. BIG.. MEANIES!!"

Not a single window of her cottage was left unscathed. She felt something she'd never thaught she'd feel: Vengeance. Hurting her friends.. her animals.. all for what? Money. She followed Applejack in her quest to recover the family farm. Sweet little Fluttershy would never quite be the same.

Twilight later described her situation as a "textbook example of kindness gone bad".

One stallion guard that got too close almost turned to stone from her stare and the sight of a single image of her is enough to send him in fits of sobs. Earning her the name of 'SoulGazer'.
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Um... Red "X" cover or alive?
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Meaning, don't take chances, must be dead at all costs.
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Oh I see. Thank you! 🙇

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You're welcome. :)

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"No prisioners today, only dead." Great job! Love the story you give to every pony. I hope we can see all this work in a bigger project like a comic or (why not) an animation.
that nickname is utterly perfect!!
great picture!!
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"Yaaaar, haar arrr."
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She's only wanted Dead
cinabunbun's avatar
deads great! i'll kill her
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This makes me wonder if there were a lot of pent up forces lurking behind her kindness...
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The Stare has recieved an upgrade. Everypony run!!! And be nice to the animals....or else.
I love the particle effect here! It really does resemble her butterflies.
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Never mess with the nice/quiet ones XD
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Only wanted dead. Perfect.
Lionheartcartoon's avatar
yeah, this one was vandalized by one of FLutter's "Victims" :D
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Glad to see Fluttershy being awesome.
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"Kindness gone bad?"

I like it!
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Revenant deadcrow: your mine fluttershy 
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Fluttershy is dead?
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Is she a drunken sailor"what do we do with a drunken sailor what do we do with a drunken sailor what do we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning" 2:09 am
Twilights1fan's avatar
Ohhh make assassin creed ponies!!!! No giff required
Twilights1fan's avatar
Coolest pic Eva and the pirate mares is a reminder of Edward kenways ship the jackdaw strongest ship that can take out ships massive compared to it I love assassins creed
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