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Storytime - Nyx Bedtime

"All eight mares then took to sea, vowing to right the wrong that took a small part of them away.  Hearts full of hope, they knew where to start: The island of the Duchess of the Moon... Little did they know that they had already been branded as Pirates in the eyes of the Crown's Nobles."

Twilight reading a small bedtime story to Nyx.  About, what else, Pirate Mares :)

I really wanted to play with puppets some more and try out the Nyx one I had just made. :meow:

Nyx is a character created by the awesome :iconpenstrokepony: in his FanStory 'Past Sins' 

P.S.  I decided to go with a Gif file again.. smaller and easier to make work.
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It's been years and I still love this.
Moon-Dust-Eclipse's avatar
Any chance we might see a short pirate animation that cuts to this scene here. I'd love to see one if you ever get a chance to make it.
Moon-Dust-Eclipse's avatar
HRRRK!!!! Going Down! *Passes out from Cuteness Attack.*
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This is show quality animation. Having read 'Past Sins,' I can see this happening. Thank you for sharing this adorable and smile inducing work. It has made my day.
GoldenGriffiness's avatar
Love this. May I ask if it was done in After Affects?
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once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle he was so ugly that everyone died the end!
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“Here’s a touching story: Once upon a time, you died and I lived happily ever after…. The End”
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her little face tho!Clawhauser - Icon 
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Here's my story of nyx;nyx's birth parents are twilight and flash,when Luna sees nyx she is worried that her potential is to become nightmare moon,so Luna made twilight promise her that she'll bring nyx to Luna every week for lessons to see how close nyx is to becoming nightmare moon.what do u think?
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So...if she has normal birth parents then why would she become Nightmare Moon exactly?
FawnPegasus's avatar
Cuz she looks like nightmare moon, duh
Quick-5's avatar
...That's like saying Charlie Chaplin has the potential to become Hitler.
Furthermore, how exactly does purple alicorn + yellow pegasus = black alicorn with dragon eyes?
FawnPegasus's avatar
Just stop ok, I didn't say you had to agree with it, and plus what do you call a child with red hair and green eyes but none of the parents have any of those traits. a child that looks like one of her grandparents, cuz my sister looks like my grandmother and we don't know what flash's parents look like, so just stop ok
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Is there a fanfiction based on this?
Yep.  In case you didn't know, it's called "Past Sins" and can be found on
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Heart wrenching good.
Daw... Nyx is awesome X3
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