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KP - Lotus Bloom - Chapter 4

KP - Lotus Bloom - Chapter 7

KP - Lotus Bloom - Chapter 5

KP - Lotus Bloom - Chapter 9

Escape from Foret Noire

Bratty - Art Trade

Shego + Not Today

KP - Bloom - Shortnight

Meeting Kim and Ron

How do you start drawing comics?

How do you start drawing comics?

After this question was recently posed to me, I thought I’d type up a more in-depth answer. Ultimately, it really is just a case of: start. There’s nothing stopping you. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just put pen to paper and let fly. I think the major stumbling block for people at that early stage of things is the concern that what they put on the page does not do justice to what is in their head. You, of course, want it to look as good as the comics that inspired you to take up the pen. You’ll draw a few pages and decide it’s not worth continuing because your work isn’t on par with the big

Duo Cartoonist - BABSCon 2017

Happy Easter bunny

Fuli's Leap - Stamp

Nerd Twilight [1/2]

Them's Fightin' Herds - INDIEGOGO - READ!

Marco Fury

Stuff 15


Mares of Tomorrow - Mane 6

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Still Alive!

Still Alive!

My.. my GOD it's been a while.... First, I still stop here from time to time, yes.. so I'm still a live.. *checks pulse*.. yup.. good! good. Second, I'll try and answer some comments, but this new site has me all confused.. so I apologize in advance. Third, Happy 2020 everyone! I've had a DA account for 15 years and it really needs to be dusted off. Who knows, I might post again! To all, tons of happiness and joy in your life! See you around! -Teh Lionheartcartoon.

New Blog!

New Blog!

Greetings Everyone! For those joining the party, you might or might not know that I was the main animator on a little something called 'Children of the night'.  In a nutshell it's a music video that involves the ponies of 'Friendship is Magic' and more precisely Princess Luna. Well, my wife and I are at it again, however this time, instead of making a blog dedicated to a single project, we started a Tumblr page for us and the myriad of project, designs and ideas that happen to cross (fortunately or unfortunately.. depeding) our crazy artistic minds. You're welcome to check it out if you haven't already.  There already are some posts and ar



A good friend of mine, John Martin Wong, has been interviewed by none other than *CutieArtCrusaders (  He was part of the team that took Sibsy's storyboards and animated them.. YES!  Another animator.. awesome guy, supersweet and one you should get to know :) Keep an eye on this, It'll be worth it :) Stay tuned for more announcements :)

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What do you think of my comments?
Dream-Leaf-AlexStudent General Artist
Hey, did you guys delete some of your videos? Both Children of the Night, Trust in Me and Run Away are all gone. And all comments are turned off? What happened, if I may ask? I know you've moved on from MLP:FIM, but it is saddening a bit to see videos taken down and such.
AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
According to StePandy, they told her they were worried they would get axed thanks to the COPPA issue so they just played it safe.
He could've just marked them "not for kids". I know what you're thinking, but the FTC did say themselves that you won't get fined just for making your content "not for kids".
AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
Did you tell him that yourself?
SoulfulMirrorHobbyist Digital Artist
They could have just put the video in private or non-public instead of nuking everything.