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The First Face this Face Saw
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. The BBC do and Steven Moffat writes it. If I was, I would bring back the Autons again and have an episode where we would finally see a battle between a Sontaran and a Reuton.
"The marks humans leave are too often scars"- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.
Most times now when he fell asleep in his new thirteenth body he dreamt of Gallifrey, though most times when he did now his dreams focused on his youth there:
He was smaller, wearing his regular everyday robes. It was before he had to look into the untempered schism, before he took the name 'Doctor'. As a child he was sociable when he had to be, he had a few really close friends from the academy. But at the same time he enjoyed his own company. Regularly finding ways of escaping the academy. He would find himself exploring the caves of Mount Cadon. On one of these occasions, he had stumbled upon the cave that the hermit known as K'anpo Rimpoche. K'anpo took a special interest in him and became a me
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Alpha Eye by Lionesskeeper Alpha Eye :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 0 0 Sherlock doodle by Lionesskeeper Sherlock doodle :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 0 0
In the Mind
Me: "AAAAAAGH!!!!!!"
Mitchell: What's up with her?
Annie: She's having plot bunny problems
George: Plot bunny problems?
Henry: They're worse than Nubbins
Mitchell: Wait a minute, who the hell are you?
Henry: I'm Henry; she's doing a fic about me
George: Wait, she was doing a fic about us *sad George face*
Henry:  She was, but she caught a Sanctuary marathon and this idea popped into her head…Hey! [Capt. Jack butts in pushing Henry to one side]
Capt. Jack: Hi, I'm here because of that small idea she had about my childhood she had when she re-watched series two of Torchwood on DVD.
Wait, TOSH! Why are you here? You're supposed to be dead
Tosh: Oh I'm here because she's now thinking of a Torchwood/Sanctuary crossover fanfic. I think she wants to ship me and Henry
[Capt. Jack looks at Henry as if to say WTF]
Henry: Its early days yet, the idea might never happen
Rory: But what about me, she had brilliant banter written between me and the Doctor
11th Doctor: But then you died
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11th Doctor Sketch by Lionesskeeper 11th Doctor Sketch :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 0 0 Davros by Lionesskeeper Davros :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 0 0 Eek by Lionesskeeper Eek :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 3 2 Being.... by Lionesskeeper Being.... :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 4 3 Made of Win by Lionesskeeper Made of Win :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 0 0
Analogue of the Wolf
Title: Analogue of the Wolf
Author: Lionesskeeper
Rated: PG
Character: George
Spoilers: Spoilers for Episode 6.
Summary: George thinks about the people in his life and what he was going to become   
Disclaimer: The brilliant George and the evil Herrick are not mine. Being Human is not mine. The BBC owns it and its Toby Whithouse’s lovely baby
George was never really too comfortable with the wolf in his mind. When he transformed each time, he died and it was born again. However, this time it was different. He craved it, for the first time ever he actually needed it on his side. It was the only thing that could save his friends. As much as he hated to even admit it, he was the only person who could stop Herrick. For all intent and purpose, Mitchell had no chance against Herrick, and the stuff that Mitchell did in the past was not who he was now, he was better than that, more human. Although, Mitchell just thought that he was becoming more distant from humans, he had s
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'Curses are Meant to Hurt' by Lionesskeeper 'Curses are Meant to Hurt' :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 3 0 Tennant Goofy Grin 0_0 by Lionesskeeper Tennant Goofy Grin 0_0 :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 1 0
Did you see me at all
Did you see me at all,
That night in October pressed up
Against the railings by the stage door
I didn’t call
This was the prize cup
I still remember what you wore
I’ll remember it for the rest of my life
Your furrowed brow
Your hands clasped around the knife
Your Ophelia lost amidst a willow bough
She didn’t become your player wife
Disgustingly now she’s fictionally worm chow,
You couldn’t give her elixir of life
Tragic tune on a violin bow
Did you see me at all?
To you just another fan
Watching you take your curtain call
Proud of you because you can
Metaphorically if you saw me at all,
Would you stop and chat,
Would you grant me a local call?
Would I be the one you wink at?
For me it was over before I knew it
That short trip
But I’ll always remember it as I sit
And that three day round trip
Did you see me?
Did I matter?
Ah, probably not
But I’ll cheer for you
Prince of the stage
And oh, my heart
Leaps for you
In its bodily cage
Time for
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The Wild Wind Blows
I hear it outside my window on the third floor,
Beating relentlessly at my window,
Like a savage boar
From distant tales of a continent below
In my mind I wander,
Cannot concentrate getting farther away
At simple things it takes a gander
Have to try and keep internal wildness at bay
Still I hear it beating
Beating like a drum against the fickle wall
outside, while I'm in here a-thinking
Slightly heeding its' wild, wild call
Outside the wind it tempts me,
Wildness stirs within, caged by tamed flesh
This wildness no-one can see,
Tamed, encased in a body that acts as its' mesh
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The Two Davids:Reunited by Lionesskeeper The Two Davids:Reunited :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 1 0 Merton Dingle in his 'Lair' by Lionesskeeper Merton Dingle in his 'Lair' :iconlionesskeeper:Lionesskeeper 11 5

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Haven't updated here in a while. Had a really busy time(hence why I haven't been here updating). Have been finishing Yr.1 of my Masters so have been a bit peoccupied with that. Oh, you may have noticed that little piece of crack that I wrote published here, so sorry for that. Also have my 11th Doctor sketch up. My mind is riddled with ideas and I keep using my 'Notes feature on my iPod Touch to write my new fanfic. So basically, that has replaced the five copies that I used in the past to write my fanfics.
I have a prologue to a Doctor Who fic which is a sequel to the others I have wrote, but I had to put it on hold cause someone died that I liked, and then came back to life so I CAN fic that character again. I've just been so busy, when that happened I paused that fic and started writing a Sanctuary fic(yes, I've gotten hooked on Sanctuary, and Henry Foss rocks :D)which is currently half on my iPod and half on a memory stick that I'm using.
'Art' wise, I drew a cartoon anthro of myself, have to tweek it before i post it here though. Also, have to get practicing on sketching cartoon anthro Henry (ok, it's just an excuse for me to draw his awesome season 2 hair)
In TV news
            Doctor Who Season 5=Excellent
            Being Human Season 2= Awesome
            Sanctuary Season 1 & 2= Awesome

And Yes, have finished 'Stolen' am now reading 'Broken'
  • Listening to: Sheena is a Punk Rocker by The Ramones
  • Reading: Broken by Kelley Armstrong
  • Watching: Sanctuary Season 1 (again)


Heart of a Lion
Current Residence: I am a Mole and I live in a Hole
Favourite genre of music: Anything(Mostly hard rock, Metal,80's+90's music freak)
Favourite style of art: Anime, Anthro art, Surrealism
MP3 player of choice: IPod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Howl(Howl's moving castle)
Personal Quote: Fandabulous!!



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