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The Tyrants and the Princesses - Imprisonment

Commission work done by :iconfoxinshadow:*FoxInShadow, this one depicting the Tyrant Celestia and Luna from the 3rd 'series' of stories that I plan on writing (but haven't written yet!).

In my 3rd series I plan to write, the Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle is in grave danger and is in a coma. In order to save her, only the most powerful and fastest of Equestria (being the 3 Alicorn Princesses) can retrieve the items she needs in order to survive and make it back in time before it is too late.

The illustration above occurs when the three Princesses go to retrieve the 'Mirror of Truth'; however they fall into a Mirror-Universe of an alternate Equestria that is the opposite of the bright and shining one that we all know. There, the Tyrants Celestia and Luna (placeholder names) imprison them as there is no sun or moon in this Mirror World for the good princesses to get their powers. Will they be able to escape and return home with the Mirror of Truth before it is too late for Twilight Sparkle?!
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Surprisingly enough, the storyline of the next IDW MLP comics issues involves THIS kind of scenario. 
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You don't read the comics?
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I'm a little behind, I got all the way up the Luna's micro-series and I think I left off on issue 13-14 on the main series.  Been sort of busy these last 2 months :P
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I see. Well, the next major story arc is coming out, and all signs point to parallel universes where the main characters would be going against evil mirror counterparts of themselves and meeting good versions of their own villains. For lack of a better description, shit is about to get real!
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Dang, really?  I had that same idea written long ago XD  That will be interesting to see, that's for sure!  Is that the next volume? What's the number of that arc?
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That's the next volume, it's coming out this month.
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Хорошо, что они не понимают русский.
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Тут справа говно, а слева - ересь.
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Can they just kill them
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wow mirror universe tia and i are really creepy. wait is this actually going to happen to us?!
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Inverz-Celestia & Luna! its looks scary... but the idea is brilliant!
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I hope at least one of them knows how to pick a lock.
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You keep drawing this...UGH! I wanna see the whole story. Get yourself to work, Fox! :D
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