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The Price of Friendship - 'The Last Goodbye'

Commission by :iconmr-tiaa:*mr-tiaa

The above illustration is a key scene that happens during my fanfic 'The Price of Friendship', in which King Solace - after using all his power to help an old friend - is about to pass away (with his body turning into stardust). The Marchioness refuses to leave his side during his final moments, which will mark the end of the Last of the Alicorn Kings to rule Equestria.

The below quote sums up the emotions in the two of them quite nicely:

"It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go...”
― Brock Thoene, Shiloh Autumn

EDIT: And if anyone has noticed, I've been racking my brain for an appropriate title to this piece. Think I finally got one now!
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Is this from a fanfic? And is that Sweetie Belle? 
hunterandspyro's avatar
No that can't be gone thay just can't be
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh brother ... Twilight Sparkle ... Rarity ... Rainbow Dash ... all gone?? How? Why??
Lionel23's avatar
Heh, left it to people's imagination, but the short story for it is up in my DA!
GreyStormPictures's avatar
I cried at this picture
Silnev's avatar
Whew...I thought the order had found me...:iconsilenthillplz:
Taiya001's avatar
So so so sad
:( are the graves the mane six?
Taiya001's avatar
And hence why I am anti princess twilight.
JnFProductions's avatar
You know Twilight died with them in that picture, so not everyone thinks she's immortal like you do.
Taiya001's avatar
Different interpretations is all.
JnFProductions's avatar
Taiya001's avatar
I see this picture as her spirit dying not her body. 
JnFProductions's avatar
So her body is a statue? I doubt she's a pillar pony.
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Words cannot even begin to describe how touching this is.
iCeTeRix's avatar
Too awesome for words
Gunflame345's avatar
There are no words to describe how awesome this is...

May I ask why there would never be another or would I have to read to find out?
Lionel23's avatar
Hehe the story is up, give it a read and you'll see ^^
Gunflame345's avatar
I'll have to get on it!
Jeriih's avatar
Where can I find this fic?
Lionel23's avatar
In my DA page if you hadn't found it by now.  Let me know! ^^
HopeRobin's avatar
Or here on DeviantArt: [link]
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