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Stand Back and Watch Me Shine, Sister!

Commission by :iconpalestorm:*palestorm. This drawing is of a young adult Sweetie Bell as part of my fanfic story.

Originally I just needed a reference sketch of how she might look as an adult as old as Twilight Sparkle is, but I wanted to give it some context if I was going to have it commissioned anyway. In this instance, Rarity is invited to a upscale ball and doesn't know that her sister is going to be the spotlight singer, and she's singing Taylor Swift's "The Best Day". It is meant to be Sweetie Bell's tribute to the best sister ever, and Rarity can't help but try (and fail) to hide her tears from the adoring attention of her little sister.
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Oh my gosh I love how she looks like her original G3 design! 💜
Redgirl102's avatar
SOB! 2 beutiful!
CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
So beautiful! OwO  I just love the lighting!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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DarthWill3's avatar
So much cuteness in this singer!
wildhawk441's avatar
Oh. WOW!
I'll let Rarity voice my thoughts on this:
Rarity (rainbow eye) plz : THERE ARE NO WORDS to describe THIS!Rarity encantada
Methinks Sweetie Belle is singing 'The Magic Inside' (her cover of it) and looking so elegant!

(I wasn't aware that a: this was part of a fanfic, b: Sweetie Belle was singing something else, or c: in your fanfic's story-verse, S.B. has a differing C.M. - which looks very elegant and refined btw!)
ShimmeringDewdrops's avatar
This is really pretty, and the premise is very sweet. I love the pristine quality to this artwork, and you depicted both characters very nicely here. Their mane styles are really nice, and I especially like Rarity's eye. This is an excellent artwork. Beautifully done. :)
Rock-fairy-art's avatar
Hey i just had to see at the drawing again since it is one of the drawings i use for my desktop background and had to think how beautiful it is. the impression of this drawing is so wonderful it is as if you could feel the feelings of this two! i really want to create art with so much emotion too. I just wanted to tell you again how great it look and how talanted you are !
hunterandspyro's avatar
You go girl!!!!!!!!!
rosepetal179's avatar
I bet rarity is proud of sweetie belle for singing!
Redheadpony's avatar
Si beautiful!!!!! We can feel the emotion. A so lovely photo of art for a lovely moment!!!!
KieDough's avatar
*Cries along with Rarity* 

This is so beautiful!
julian0123's avatar
Tha's so beautiful and touching :D
XDtriterin's avatar
ay pero que lindo ! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
ZauriArt's avatar
Wow, awesome job with ilumination and background! 
And the scene is so sweet *________* :heart:
Moonstar132's avatar
This is beautiful.
Pandas795's avatar
This is better than her canon cm
CharaViolet's avatar
This was actually a cutie mark that showed up in the back of a toy box and in a pop corn recipe made by the hub(currently discovery channel), so everyone assumed it was canon.
Pandas795's avatar
It would be nice if it was just the note and not the shield
CharaViolet's avatar
I'm fine with the shield as long as the colors from the center are a little different
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