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Caer Elysa - Holy City of Paladins by Lionel23 Caer Elysa - Holy City of Paladins by Lionel23
Illustration done by :iconjcbarquet: *jcbarquet. This drawing is of the principal city and capital of the Elysium Protectorate. The Elysium Protectorate is a 'British' empire-type of country; ruled by a Royal family and heavily religious. In the days of antiquity, many famous priests, holy men, and paladins hailed from Elysium and still do so today.

City Name: Caer Elysa (capital)
Most Notable Locations: Grand Cathedral, Royal Palace, berth of Grand Battleship Old Roanoke, School of Paladins
Country: Elysium Protectorate

Located on the western borders of the Elysium Protectorate, the capital of Caer Elysa lies nestled against the western face of the Elysa Mountain. Long considered the oldest holy place in the Protectorate, it is also the home of many other important sites for Elysium: The Royal Palace, the Grand Cathedral of the All-Father, the School of Paladins, and lastly the Royal Airship Old Roanoke (a Grand Battleship of ancient design and the flagship of the Royal family).

The immediate area surrounding the city consists of flat, vast fields of grasslands that stretch all the way to the River Ella (seen pictured on the left). In ancient times the river acted as a major trade route to the lands of the Imperial Central Authority, which allowed the city to boom and swell to its current day size. With the advent of airship travel, much of the economic activity of Elysa shifted eastwards but the slow-running river acts as an important airship landing area and has turned the city into a major warehousing port.

The city is similar to Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings) in that the initial plans of the city were laid down as a fortress to protect the sacred site of the Grand Cathedral. Over time, more 'tiers' or levels were added to accommodate the paladin guards and civilian population who were needed to supply and support the paladins. Each tier of the city is walled off and separated from one another, connected only by an ascending single stone road that weaves through the center of the city. The lowest areas of the city are home to the merchants and commoners, but as one gets higher so does the status and class of the city rises. At the highest tier are the Royal Palace and the Grand Cathedral.
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GUNAWAN93PALADINS Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018
the lord of the Rings
Jonny9120 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Very Nice... love the lighting
Klerych Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The Imperium of Man(that airship looks totally like Imperial ship from WH40k) arrived to help Gondor at the Pelennor Fields. Sauron is fucked. :)

Lovely artwork, mate.
JamesCombridge Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
nice. great painting style
Mizu-no-Kage Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
-lets out a low whistle- Nice.
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