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Alkirian Sky City - Floating City of the Empire



Illustration done by :iconjcbarquet: =jcbarquet. The above illustration depicts the protected city of the Alkirians, a race of avian warriors who control the Northern Reaches.

Alkirian Sky City is home to the Imperial Palace, seat of power for the Phoenix Emperor himself. The floating city is located in a sheltered ring of rocks and mountains that isolate the region from the otherwise freezing cold winds that is commonplace throughout their lands. With the fertile valley farmlands below, the entire city itself floats majestically above, home to various residents, dockyards, and industries. The major export from the Alkirian people is the lighter than air metals that is found in their mountains: much valued both for their unique properties in airship construction as well as other practical applications.

Pictured entering the valley are two Alkirian trade blimps (Alkiria is famous for their blimps) heading towards the city to do their business for the day, while various floating districts and buildings can be seen hovering over the primary landmass that is the city proper.

More info will follow, but this is just a taste of the most fantastical place on the continent of Keros (where my story takes place).
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