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By lionclaw1
I have a difficult time where everything goes wrong and my wife is currently in the hospital. Sometimes I think that the whole life has conspired against me. All this has been beating my creativity for some time now. I was able to write the third story for Sandra's Day in the last moment. I also find less and less time to draw at home, but one thing is certain for me, I would definitely not stop with Sandra's Day. I can not imagine a life without Sandra, because she is a part of me.
I decided to publish two comic pages every month. This should also give me a little more time to write the fourth story. I hope that I also find some more time to draw pictures. However, I'll rely more on traditional media and create fewer digital images.
I really hope that one day my life will improve again ...

Ich habe eine schwere Zeit, in der alles schief geht und in der auch meine Frau im Krankenhaus ist. Manchmal denke ich, dass sich das ganze Leben gegen mich verschworen hat. All das schlägt nun schon einige Zeit auf meine Kreativität. Es war mir gerede noch im letzten Moment möglich die dritte Geschichte zu Sandra's Day auf die Beine zu stellen. Ich finde auch zu hause immer weniger Zeit um zu zeichenen, doch eines ist für mich sicher, ich möcht auf keinen Fall mit Sandra's Day aufhören. Ich kann mir ein Leben ohne Sandra nicht vorstellen, denn sie ist ein Teil von mir.
Ich habe mich dazu etschieden, dass ich nun jeden Monat zwei Comic Seiten veröfentlichen werde. Dies sollte mir auch etwas mehr Zeit verschaffen, um die vierte Geschichte zu schreiben. Ich hoffe, dass ich dadurch auch wieder mehr Zeit habe Bilder zu zeichnen. Ich werde allerding mehr auf traditionelle Medien setzen und weniger digitale Bilder erstellen.
Ich hoffe sehr, dass sich eines Tages mein Leben wieder verbessern wird...
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I feel it man. Sometimes your life doesn't just throw you a curveball it fires you from the baseball team. All you can do is find something to make your life worth living and do that till you die. What you do here seems like a worthy way of spending life.

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Yes, to draw is very important to me. Sometimes it's all I want to do =^_^=

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Be stronger than life and overcome! It sucks, but we all go through parts like that. You will survive and continue! Believe in yourself! Things will get better. Keep doing things that make you happy.

Also, great job continuing the story. Keep it up! Do what you need to in order to continue moving forward.
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Tanks for your words. To draw is very important to me, it helps me to relax.
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I hear you and you're welcome. Good luck. I hope you're able to relax soon and get yourself back to where you need to be.
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Thanks. My dad said that a normal person would have gone crazy already.
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