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There is nothing better when you are struggling to visualise a sort of hulking alien shock trooper than to browse across DA and gawp at the pretty pictures!
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Thanks for the watch, sweetheart x

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Thanks for the watch!
Do you have any bios?
bios? (in what context?)
Which heroines are your main ones and who are They? You know like the villainess team and their bios on SHCXXX forum.
ah well, in that case, if you work off this pic   Girls of Project Hlin by lionbadger

Project Hlin/Jagkommand
For unknown reasons the majority of meta humans and aliens with various abilities on the sunny little planet earth have appeared in the United States. Realising that they were facing a major strategic short fall and troubled by the USA's aggressive shadow government the nations of Europe agreed a project to artificially create superheros to redress the balance. The result, code named Project Hlin (after the norse goddess of wisdom) resulted in the creation of Jagkommand (or could be JaegerKommand which means hunter kommand). Project Hlin used various genetic manipulations through exposure to the Hleinir Solutioon (a highly volatile liquid) and organ implantation techniques to create a cadre of heroines.

Valkyrie(blue)/Athena(purple)/Tethys(blue/green)/Night Strike(black)
Original successful members of Jagkommand. Each has as a result of exposure to the Hleinir solution been enhanced with super human strength and incredible durability. The implantation of various drug glands into them also allow them to access or "gland" various sense enhancing stimulants, pain killers and anti venom.

Valkyrie was a former diplomatic protection officer who was gunned down during an assassination attempt on the danish monarch. 
Athena was a Macedonian nurse who was pushed down a lift shaft by a deranged mental patient
Tethys was a Milanese riot cop who was crushed by a lorry driven by fanatic terrorist. 
Night Strike is the only member of the Hlin heroines who remembers her life before the change. All others lost their memory during the transformation and accepted their back story. Night Strike was a gang enforcer in the Budapest underground who was betrayed, beaten to a pulp and gang raped. The hospital treating her sold her to Director Muhle the scientist behind the Hleinir solution to experiment on. 

Sovereign Girl (white/gold)
A member of Jagkommand but not as a result of exposure to the Hleinir solution. Sovereign is one of the a handful of refugees from an alien race who escaped the destruction of her home world by fleeing across the dimensions to earth.  Sovereign Girl's race was enslaved and exterminated by her own semi demonic aunt the so called Eternal Empress, who is an evil tyrant. Originally Sovereign was seconded to the UK's MI13 but was transferred to Jagkommand when her fellow survivors were betrayed and slaughtered causing Sovereign to lose her edge and lapse into depression which resulted in botched missions. Since joining Jagkommand she has found a new camaraderie and turned her life around. She is not as durable as the other members but her alien powers grant her flight that the others do no have. 

The one in brown is Butterscotch Fox a hat tip to the old Superheroinecentral. 

I did some stories (which I will eventually add to) here (they start with Fox Hunt 7…
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