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Hurry up! Don`t miss your chance!

1. Screenshot Edit (Accept: Blade and Soul, Tera, FF XIV online, Aion, Revelation) - 20/25 $

Example:  TERA 22016-11-12 20-59-4s8-01 by Lio-Sun UkalFSrtdJIaddaad by Lio-Sun Ffxiv 15012017 193543-(1) by Lio-Sun Skrinshot 161205 023 by Lio-Sun Shot 20161005-1afdadf95537 by Lio-Sun Aion0208aaa by Lio-Sun
              Shot 20170218-001732-2 by Lio-Sun  170307 1322 by Lio-Sun Skrinshot 170202 029 by Lio-Sun Client-2017-02-18-00-20-01-783 by Lio-Sun  Skrinshot 160912 062 by Lio-Sun
L29as by Lio-Sun Ffxiv 11062016 015305a by Lio-Sun Aion0345 by Lio-Sun Shot 2asd by Lio-Sun Aion 2016-10-04 20-44-08-96 by Lio-Sun

2. Anime art (portrait) - 35$

Example: Lera Sid by Lio-Sun Commission: Blade and Soul by Lio-Sun Commission: Midnight Rose by Lio-Sun

3. Anime art (bust up) - 50$ (For 1 person); 80$ (For 2 person)

Example: Thia by Lio-Sun Commission: Leilanna by Lio-Sun Good Night by Lio-Sun

4. Sketch - 15$

Example: A mother's love by Lio-Sun EAH: Dandelina Blossom by Lio-Sun Sailor Saturn by Lio-Sun

Semi-realism Portrait - 40$

Space firefly by Lio-Sun qxdjFi-dDHw by Lio-Sun Wn3U1V4KX6c by Lio-Sun

Fullbody art - 60$

YSgo43D6bkI by Lio-Sun 2ONrIAKQzO8 by Lio-Sun Lunaria by Lio-Sun


Please send me a note ^^

• Boys (I'm sorry, I'm not very good at it)
• Hentai / Yaoi /Yuri
• Furries
• Mecha, Technology

Payment method: Paypal, qiwi, yandex-money.

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Huggle!  Hi, everyone!Hug 
So prices for orders listed below. :happybounce: 
The more complicated a character so the price is higher. (In the specify the limits) Nod 
This prices for one character. For second character sale 30^^! (Max 2 char on picture). And if i like your character, you will have a special sale~.

Do not miss your chance to order art with your character!


Chibi-art 27

Example: Blade and Soul: Jin by Lio-Sun Chibi Commission: Emily by Lio-Sun Chibi: Blade and Soul by Lio-Sun Chibi Commission: Sweet Shop by Lio-Sun

 Portrait - 22$

Example:  Commission: Midnight Rose by Lio-Sun Raven Queen by Lio-Sun Commission: L`Amour Sucre (OC) by Lio-Sun Lera Sid by Lio-Sun

 Fullbody - 40 $

Example:  Lady Liberite by Lio-Sun Commission: Blade and Soul by Lio-Sun Adonette by Lio-Sun Dark Lady by Lio-Sun Thia by Lio-Sun

Bust up - 30$

Example:  Commission: Adonette Rat by Lio-Sun Commission: Zandra by Lio-Sun Commission: Litha by Lio-Sun Commission: Serenity by Lio-Sun Wacom-chan by Lio-Sun

 Sketches - 10$+ simple colors

Example:  43141343131 by Lio-Sun Tick tock by Lio-Sun Commission: Emili by Lio-Sun Commission: SummerSky by Lio-Sun SummerTime by Lio-Sun

• Girls
• Original / Fanart
• Kemonomimi (bunnygirls, catgirls)
• Ecchi
• Humanization
• I love fandoms: Ever After High; Sailor Moon; (Allmahou shoujo is love~)

• Boys (I'm sorry, I'm not very good at it)
• Hentai / Yaoi /Yuri
• Furries
• Mecha, Technology

I only work with 100% prepayment.

Payment method: Paypal, qiwi, yandex-money.

Please send me a note, if you want commission from me. ^^

Thank you for your attention Meow :3 

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Commission list:
1. Commission from
Commission from
3. :iconsuyuku-san:

If i forget you in this list, please send a note ;w; 
Thanks so much~

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Hello everyone~

Thank you for visiting my page, for viewing and favorites. It's very kind of you. * _ *

January is the month fanart for me. This month I draw those characters that I like from various anime, comic books and cartoon series.Bunny Emoji-90 (Happiness) [V5] 

And for this I make special list, which shows what else will be drawn fanart:

1. Tokyo Ghoul
2. Madoka Magika
3. Sailor Moon
4. Adventure Time.
5. Bakemonogatari
6. Kyoukai no kanata

Thank you for your attention! :bademoticon: 

It is very important to me~

Art-trades, request status: closed~
Commission status: closed, but mayde i will open~
Hello every one~ (๑✧◡✧๑)

Now i have a tumblr page xD For sketches, wips, and etc.
Welcome~^^ It will be great, if you follow me there~   ✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡)♪.+゚♬✿。
Hello, I'm Lio.Meow Blue 
At the moment I do not take commissions, collaborations and rekvest.
But the plan to ever do it.:bademoticon: 

Thank you for watching my work. T_T
Someday I'll learn to draw well xD ...

Some links: page -
Tumblr for game-screenshots -
Tumblr for my works and Mio`s works. -

In the future, I plan to open a blog. (^v^)
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Oh, sorry guys. Right now I have exams. It takes a lot of my time.
But thank you very much for your views and comments of my work to them ^ ^ I am very pleased).
As will have more free time, I promise that will reveal the art trade, and more. ))) Have a nice day. )
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