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Yup!  You heard me!  He has his own fan page on Facebook now!…

**R  E  A  D  **  T  H  E  S  E  **  R  U  L  E S **

Linzstock is here because I take a lot of photos to paint from, but I simply cannot paint fast enough to use them all.  Although I have an account with my artwork and writings as LinzArcher  on Deviant Art, I created this to post some of the reference shots that I simply don't have time to use and thought that someone else could use them.  As no good deed goes unpunished though, allow me to make the boundaries of using my work more clear.

YES, you may use my photos for "your art", but you have to do something to actually distinguish it as "your art", as you may not sell "my art".

    •  Do NOT repost these images as though they are your own (that's stealing). •  Do NOT do anything offensive or obscene with them in any way as to hurt the models emotionally.   •  Do NOT attempt to acquire personal information about the models (that's stalking). •  Do NOT waste my time.  BEFORE you ask me a question, READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE!  There are frequently asked questions under the rules!

You are not ENTITLED to use my photos.  Any artwork created from my photos is considered a derivative work of art.  You are PERMITTED to use My Photos at MY discretion.  That means that I can do with them as I please.  I do not have to share them with you if I do not want to, and how I handle them and their rules is not up to the decisions of some Deviant Art Debate.  You do not do me a favor by using this stock.  I am doing you a favor by allowing you to use it.

Those who ABUSE privileges LOSE privileges. Feel free to create but remember to be kind to your stock photographers and their models.  If you violate my rules or exhibit threatening or offensive behavior,  I have full right to ask you to remove your derivative work and/or block you.  Those who show a disrespect for my rules by arguing over them and otherwise exhibiting entitled behavior as to the rights of them are considered to hold the rules in disregard and may be banned.

You get what you pay for!
This is a service that I render for free, out of the kindness of my heart, and in my spare time.  Photos are available AS IS, with the expectation that you have enough skill/talent to do something with it.  To those who want to gripe about one particular image in a photoshoot that happened 5 years ago or in another state or country ... TOUGH.  There are hundreds of images to choose from, and if I can find a way to use it then someone else here can too.   Don't waste my time!   Just find another photo and use that one.  


    •  Make the image uniquely yours through artistic rendering or photo manipulation.  Applying a filter or two or changing hair colors, does NOT count. •   When posting artwork derived from one of my photos, put a link to the Linzstock photo that you used in the description of your derived artwork on Deviant Art.  If it is posted on your personal website, please put a link somewhere on the site back to Linzstock. •   Leave a comment under the Linzstock photo that you used, linking it to your derived artwork.  NOT HERE!!!  Link THERE so people can not only find your work, but so others can see what's been done with that particular image.   Do NOT send me a note!  My models do not get these notes, and they want to see what's done with their likeness too!  Plus sometimes the images are so layered that I don't even know which of my images actually got used unless you leave a link on that image..


    •  Reference for your artwork. •  Photo manipulation. •  PRINTS of your derivative work for sale on Deviant Art and to make prints of your own production for sell on your website and at conventions/shows. •  Reference material in the production of illustrations for use in publications. •  Enter into Contests, Print, Publish, Sell, and Profit without restraint.

If you abide by the rules:

    •  I will add your image to my favorites, to help in its rankings.   •  Those who consistently follow my rules will be friended / watched on DA, and will be given more freedom for printing and publication.

If you do not agree with or wish to follow my rules, which are more than generous, you can use someone else's stock, or take your own pictures. No one is forcing you to use my stock. So simply go somewhere else and don't waste my time.  This is not all about you.

Frequently asked questions

I want to print / publish one of the works of art that I used your images to create.  How do I know that I have your permission from the rules above?  
    Those who have kept my rules, have permission.  In order to clear this up, those who have repeatedly followed my rules and have made new original art out of my images will be friended / watched on DA so they do not have to ask.  To anyone who is friended, they automatically have my permission.

Is it okay to "fav" images for use later or just because I like the pic?  
    Absolutely!  Fav and feature to your heart's content!  I like favs because they let me know which images are the most popular.  This information will help me decide what to include in future shoots.

Which person are you in the pictures?
    Most of them are NOT me.  The ones that ARE me are usually labeled "Linz" and are few and far between.  It will usually say in the description if it is me. Some of my models have wished to remain annonymous so their names have not been posted.  However the ones of me are all tagged. Trust me, you'd prefer to paint my models than me ;)

Isn't it plagerism to use these photos?
    Only if you are taking them directly and posting them as your photography.  These images are posted for the purpose of being used in artwork.  So long as you take them and either photomanipulate or artistically render the image in such a way to make it distinctly different from the original image in some way, you are fine.  Just please read and follow the rules!

What if I wanted to use one of your photos as a photo for a book without alteration other than contrast or color?
    For such things I would demand payment for my work as you would be profiting from my stock.  Publishing agreements are available for a price.

Are you accepting new models?
    No, and please don't ask.

Are these images considered public domain?
    No! You are NOT entitled to use my photos.  You are permitted to use them at MY discretion.  Public Domain happens after the death of the artist and the expiration of their estate usually about 25 years after the death of the artist.  The art of a living artist is NOT public domain.

Do you take requests?
    That depends ...  I take reasonable requests from reasonable people, however: •  I have the right to refuse your request for any reason.   •  If you donate a subscription or offer payment, I will take your requests seriously. •  If you do not pay me, I may consider your suggestion for future photoshoots, but there are no guarantees.   •  Immediate deadlines won't happen, end of story.  Myself and my models have a life beyond this site.  It may be months between photoshoots.   •  Unappreciative people who treat me as though I owe them something will not be catered to.  I do not have to offer this service to you.  Abuse it and lose it!

If I use multiple images, do I have to link multiple times?
    Please do.  It helps me and you, as it gives your link more exposure as well as letting me know which images were used.

Can I download stock for my personal use as an avatar or background? May I use this stock in a school project?
    For the most part I am not against things for "personal" use.  If you wanted to make an avatar out of one of the pictures... I would not mind.  If you wanted to make one of them your desktop wallpaper, I would not mind.  If you wanted to post it in your Journal, I don't care as long as you link or in some way let people know where you got it from. I only get touchy when people either take credit for my work or try to profit from it. As long as you are giving credit where credit is due and following the previously stated rules, there is not a problem.

Are you going to publish a book of your stock photos?
    I do not have one put together at the moment, but I believe it to be a good idea.  If anyone is interested.  I'll probably post a poll to see if it is worth the investment.

When are you going to post more pictures of Taylor?
    Ah, the most popular question *wry grin*. When time permits!  Although Taylor is my most willing and able model, he's also got a life beyond me photographing him.  Although if anyone wants to contribute to his gasoline fund, there would probably be more pics of him!  One way of doing this, is that I will be making a calendar of my favorite Taylor pics on my LinzArcher account on DA.

Do you have prints available of some of your photos?

You took photos of me once.  Why are they not posted?  
    There are a couple reasons your photos may not be up here.  I may not have gotten your permission yet.  They may be buried in the many pages.  Some may have been lost in my hard drive crash. Some I am keeping for my own use... but most likely I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Why do you insist on my link being left as a comment on the image used instead of on this page or as a note?  Why must I link to the actual image I used instead of LinzStock?
    One of the reasons is because Linzstock has multiple models, who do not receive the notes, so they like to browse the photos of them to see what has been done with their likeness that they were kind enough to give you the privilege to use.  Another reason I ask this is because sometimes I am unsure which image was actually used, especially in some of the more complex deviations.  Also I do not like to have them posted on my profile page, because when I am alerted to new messages, it does not alert me to messages here.  As for linking to the image used in your description as opposed to LinzStock in general, your image is a derivative work of art and I would like people to know where it came from.  That part is sheer courtesy and the cost of free stock.

Why have you started posting rules overviews in the descriptions instead of a link to the rules?  
    Because there were people downloading stock without reading the rules and then upset when I asked them to follow them.

Why do your rules sound so rude?  
    Because no good deed goes unpunished...  This stock is a kindness offered to the artists of Deviant Art as a generous gesture that is often criticized, taken for granted, and people simply act entitled to it like I owe them something.  My boundaries are firmly established yet still ignored, fought against, or bashed.  This is why the rules have been established, to protect my work and my models because there are a lot meaner people out there than someone laying down the law. If you follow the rules, I'm nice.  If you don't, you asked for it, because my rules are actually quite simple and fair.  I don't have to let you use my work at all if I don't want to!

Why are you posting blurry pictures?  
    I do notice when a photo is somewhat blurry as there have been lighting issues in the past and for this, I offer my apologies.  However I try not to use a flash if I can help it, as it flattens images.  These are posted because they still held some sort of base starting point for a work of art.  They are not a finished product.  That is why I am a stock photographer and not a professional photographer.  These are a means to a piece of artwork NOT finished products.  Now as a traditional artist and even in my experience with digital painting, I can take a blurry photo and still make a clear work of art from it.  Therefore I expect some other artists to be able to use it... although it will probably be inadequate for photo-manipulators.  But there are plenty of clear bright sunlit shots available for that.

Do you not accept criticism?  
    Please understand I post a LOT of pictures and sometimes it takes days to upload them all, so I'm not always concerned with every single one being PERFECT.  Some are in fact better than others due to size, quality, and clarity, but I do not have the time to put into making each one perfect when it is going to be adjusted by you, the artist.  Therefore criticizing me is really pointless and just wastes my time.  If you don't want to use it, then don't use it, and move on.  This is done as a favor to the artists of Deviant.  Therefore constant criticism for doing such a time consuming favor, really disinclines me toward future favors.  This place is a gallery of resources.  Constant criticism pretty much eventually makes me feel like I've put out this huge buffet and invited everyone to eat for free, and all I really ask is that you don't act like a jerk or claim that you did all the cooking.  But while many people are thankful, there is a handful of people standing around complaining about a free meal that they don't have to eat as if I owe them something.  You're bound to find something in my hundreds of choices to suit your needs... and if not, you're an artist... supposedly you should have the talent to spice it up in whatever way it needs to be what YOU consider to be perfect.  If that doesn't work... there are plenty of other stock photographers on Deviant who are a hell of a lot better than I am!  GO BOTHER THEM!  

One of your stock photos is perfect for what I have in mind, but I fear that it might infringe on your rule of upsetting one of the models.  What do I do?  
    Some of my models are more modest than others.  For instance the photos marked as Linz (i.e. me) may not be made into nudes (except by me).  However, my other models have their own varying preferences in these areas.  Below are links to most of my models and the majority of them have Deviant Art accounts.  So please message them if you have concerns with their image usage not covered here.   Models that have informed me that they are comfortable with being rendered "artistically" nude: Taylor & Daven, although Daven insists on being paid for nudes.  Daven and Taylor are both secure enough in their manhood to be appreciated by wider audiences sexually, so long as it is not showing actual sex acts, which is considered pornographic and is also banned by Deviant Art.

Who are your models? Where do you take photos? Where did those nifty costumes come from?  


This year's Stock Party is over, so it's time to start planning for next year!

None of this is set in stone, but this is what we are considering for next year.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please speak up.  We want this to be a great event for everyone.

Deviant Art Members Forum Discussion for Stock Party 2008

Where is the Stock Party?

The Stock Party is intended to move to a new location each year to add scenic variety.  The 2008 location has been decided to be Savannah, Georgia USA in hopes of getting the local Art College and Art Association to participate.  Savannah is beautiful, and one of America's oldest cities; its founding goes back to 1733. It is also said to be America's most haunted city. It is very near the east coast and Tybee Island.  Also it has a very old very beautiful cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery, featured in the book and movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

When is this Event?

Fall of 2008 post Dragon Con.  This year, although the leaves were brilliant and beautiful, we decided that it was pleasant but a bit chilly for lighter costumes.  We want to give people time to make it through the convention season and recoup from the expenses of Dragon, so next year we may make it late October instead of November.  The two considered weekends are October 18&19 or 25&26.  If there are any conflicting large events, please let me know.

What's a Stock Party?

Stock Party, as in reference to Stock Photography.  It is meant to bring those who pose for stock photos together in rich atmospheres with artists/photographers who need models to pose for them.  Stock Photoshoots are the primary function of the Stock Party, although "Party" is the secondary function.  This was planned because sometimes it's hard to coordinate photoshoots, or to get a variety of models together in one place.  This gives people a chance to produce something useful and viable to inspire their art, and gives models a chance to work with some professional artists and get wonderful pictures taken of themselves for portfolios and other uses.  Also there's just something wonderful about putting creative minds all in one place :)

Who's invited?

You MUST BE AT LEAST 18 to model.  The age limit is to ensure that all models present will be of legal age with which to have the ability to sign a model agreement. This is an open event that will most likely become like a mini convention where people may buy badges.  This helps cover the cost of the location and any other accrued expenses.  It also gives a head count, identifies who is an artist, model, or visitor.  We are considering a small art show/print show for non artists/models.  

How does this work?

To buy a badge there will be a form which you must sign as to the intent of the photography and model release forms.  Also as we are hoping to rent a ballroom and put up some backdrops, we would like to invite set designers for "booth space"... we have not decided whether booths for exhibitors will be available for such as costumes, artists interests, etc...  It may cost a small amount, but part of that money would go to an award for the best set or best costume.  This indoor setup will be available once the sun sets, as during the day, we hope to hit the streets of Savannah for outdoor scenery and models.  This year we had security volunteers to ensure that we were safe and no one got in the way.  We hope to do the same next year as well.

This year's Stock Party was held at Indian Springs State Park

Our guests were artists Elizabeth Phillips, Bryan King, and myself Lindsay Archer.  Our models were  Taylor Darnell, Whitney, Michael Darnell, Alex, Stacy, Bambi, Andrew and Ash.  


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