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Burdens of the Emperor

Another piece for the fan art book. June 2012

The story of the last Emperor, Shaohao, who defeated all the Sha of his Doubt, Despair, Anger, Fear, Hatred, and Violence with the help of the Monkey King and the August Celestials and finally purified his spirit.
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the monkey king is a bit ugly but other than that its AWESOME! :D
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This is wonderfully done! And the monkey king is one of my favorite legendary heroes! :love:

The Sha looks incredibly dangerous, I really love how you painted him.
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i can see it now, future patch featuring the monkey king
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so beautiful *0*
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monkies? panderia? elementals. sick kudos dude, but still, LONG LIVE.......................... the scourge.
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Possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen come out of WoW lore. You do Pandaren so much justice! :D
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I do feel the tense of combat about to happen. Meticulously detailed element and background. You deserve the DD!
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Love your "epic animal characters" works ^^ Specialy the panda bear ones
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Faved so hard I broke my mouse. This is incredible. I'm going to need to start investing in mouses, because I get the feeling I'll be favoriting a lot more of your art. <3
This is sweet !!
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absolutely brilliant illustration of the monkey king and Shaohao fighting a Sha. Plus Shaohao's armor is awesome :D
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I think Pandaria's storyline is far darker than any other expansion pack/vanilla WoW. The factions are murdering each other, the Sha are LOVING IT and feeding on all the negative emotions (something not even Deathwing did), the Mantid are using us to kill their empress so they can continue to swarm and continue their culture based on murder....

Yeah, I love Pandaria, based on the storyline alone. Excellent depiction of Shaohao and the Monkey King defeating one of the Sha. I'd love to see Emperor Shaohao as an extremely powerful "celestial" NPC or even as an ultimate Sha-corrupted raid boss. Sure, he purified SIX of the negative emotions Y'shaarj released into Pandaria, but what about the seventh? Gorgeous art work.
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I've heard one saying is that the seventh is not dragged out and that explained why the Pandarens are sort of "lazy", lol
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I've been perusing a lot of your work, and I feel inadequate in my ability to convey how much I love it. But, I'd just like to say that I've sat looking at this particular piece for about 10 minutes now, taking in all the lovely details. Shaohao's armor is just beautiful... I vote for you to design all future tier sets! :P
Kidding aside, I never thought I'd see a badass-looking Hozen, and now, bam! there he is. Something about his pose is quite fantastic, and I love the determined, focused expression on his face. And that Sha! It's highly recognizable, yet you've given it a wispy, smoky quality that's not quite there in-game - and I really love it.

So, I just wanted you to know that this piece brightened my day. Mists, for me, is one of the best (if not THE best) expansions to date, and it's just great to see an artist of your caliber bringing it even further to life through these beautiful artworks.

/gush <3
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Wow, had to say I'm really moved by your comment here. As a fan of Blizzard's art and game and an amateur painter(digital of course), I feel so proud that someone can fully understand my work. I'm so happy that you like the Monkey King and Shaohao, and yeah, I made the Sha smoky, for in the story they are something from the emotions of the Emperor, so I don't want them to be so solid as their models.

Your words inspire me. I will bring more drawings and hope you will like them : )
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Sorry for the late reply - I'm not on dA much these days - but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment, even though you must be very busy.
I thought of your work the other day when I finally got to see the Monkey King in-game. He looks pretty great, but still not as great as your depiction of him. =P

Anyway, I look forward to enjoying more of your beautiful art; please keep up the great work!
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beautiful. I love the detail o_o
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