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Taiduo Sub-concept



here is part of my world for my story this time we're in the Sub which is kind of illigeal but then most know its someplace around, as "all time business" is round here, but as well one can find a lot more interesting and not so commonly used things and substances here.
We meet again with Jishu, though she's a bit hard to recognize there in the dark. Her place is close to this. We will meet the guy at the door in the story again but he's without name so far.
find more about Jishu here
The guy on the door is mostly made from Michael7 and then custom dialed.
The place is based on this… by The Antfarm
Created with DS 4.10, rendered in Iray, postwork gimp2.8
all materials from the DAZ shop
Character and story idea and execution is mine, plaese do not post outside dA
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Wonderful lighting again. First you notice the figure in the cell, then you see the guys talking. Gives it somehow some sense of quiet. Like it's this evening hour, when everyone is gone home already, and they just stayed behind to finish something.