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Another Postapocalyptic one, seems the topic stuck with me but a bit a different setting this time.
And yes I do have a love for that pill bug.
you can find a follow up of this one here
Created in DS4.9, renderd in 3delight, postwork GIMP2.8
Alle material from the DAZ shop or by me.
Character is Teen Josie 6, the male is g2m dialed in by me. The basic setting is Stonemasons after the war
Please do not post outside dA without my permission
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Thank you so much!
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oh you are welcome XD
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Really love this one!
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thank you so much as well for the fav!
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It could also refer to urban/city dwelling (the one in silver) vs. the wilds/outdoors environment dwelling (the girl on her creature).

Either way - nice job with this one. I really like the way you've managed to give it multiple interpretations. Good work.
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Thank you so much Childe-of-Fyre Meow :3 
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Now I keep wondering who is the outsider here. The girl who definitely comes from somewhere else, but blends better with the colors, or the guy, who is living here, but is too silver for the environment. 
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That is exactly the toggle I wanted to achieve,  as often enought it depends on the point of view who the outsider is and it is just a few steps off the usual path to become an outsider
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That's a very cool idea. To show this subtle contrast, making it clear nothing is clear about your definition. 
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Thanks, I'm glad you like the idea!
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Two worlds coliding. This looks great!
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Thanks a lot!Hug 
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