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Metaphor by Linwelly, visual art

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I recently started an online comic Taiduo, which is now getting published on webtoons.
I would be happy if you come visit me there :D

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stephanie pui mun law
Are you interested in Science fiction and creating images with DAZ Studio? I'm presenting a webinar on saturday 12th of June 8 pm London time 15:00 EDT (New York) 12:00 PDT (Los Angeles) From the start of the science fiction genre, the writing has been entwined with the artwork that sought to stimulate the imagination. Some of our greatest science fiction authors have certainly been influenced by the art that grew up alongside the literary tradition. In reference to that idea, the title of this event is from a quotation by Ray Bradbury! Science fiction art has developed a visual language of its own, as rich and varied as the genre’s narrative themes. Studying sci-fi images: what makes them sci-fi, why are they special Elements of Sci-fi Understanding Sci-Fi Scene building Means to success: the 3D toolbox – applications Renders in Space – a special mission A DAZ Studio scene with many options Vendor recommendations more info and registration here:
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My new webinar Supercharge Your Daz Studio Content with GIMP hit the DAZ store totay This tutorial teaches how you can utilize GIMP to customize some of the most fundamental aspects of your DAZ Studio scene. Who is this Tutorial for? -Digital artists who are looking to learn a new cost-effective texture editing/image manipulation tool - Artists that want to save money on utilizing existing content - Artists wanting to explore texture mash-ups or editing - Photoshop owners interested to know equivalent operations in GIMP Requirements - DAZ Studio - GIMP (free) So what will be adressed: How to alter texture maps when the content you have chosen does not stand out; it is been used by dozens of other artists already The skin of a character is a little lack-luster or has the wrong tone or color? Using it on a different figure leaves the mesh stretched at some places What about adding some magic or energy
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Little notice on future Taiduo comic panel updated here on dA: I will continue that until part 1 is fully uploaed here. There are 5 more pages or episodes to go. Since the concept was created for scoll down format and the entire thing can and will b
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Love your gallery!

thank you very much!

Lovely works, I am curious about your commissions. Would you mind sending me your info?

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my work. The prices for commissions are depending on what you would like to have.

A full body character with detailed background would be 150US$, same for a book cover for example which isn't necessary a portrait but might be a landscape etc. A character with a simple background like a photo studio shot would be 120US$ and in the same way an uppber body or head/ bust would be somewhere between 70 and 100 US$.

I take half of the agreed price as advance payment, and you get a draft version (which are usually already quite detailed, that comes with working with the 3d application). I try to provide the draft a week after the advance payment. That's the moment we discuss changes you would like to have, final work should be ready latest two weeks after that, that's when the second payment is due.

I'm using paypal for payments.

I hope this helps you, if you gaot any further question please contact me again

Linwelly, I've always been a fan in the Daz Forums, galleries when you post there, video tutorials you created, etc. Love your work and wish you all of the success! Good to run into you here in DA.

I took a look at your profile here and found you're junk ... that sounds worse than I mean it :o, great to see you here and thanks for the nice comments!

I wonder when and in which way the gallery at DAZ will be reinstalled

:) You are correct Linwelly!.. "junk" I named myself that because of my low self esteem that I have been actively fighting against the last few years. When I started the DA account I decided to try and shed that name and that negative attitude of mine.

I appreciate everything you have given and do for everyone. Very appreciative!