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Perfect Leopard for QTTabBar

Perfect Leopard Skin for QT TaskBar
If you like it please show me your support with a :+fav:

Feel free to distribute it, just credit me please.


1) This Skin is made to fit with the Leopard WB skin by Blitzr. You can get it here: [link]

2)Three sizes: 100, 150 and 200 pixels wide.

3)You can get QTTabBar here: [link]

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Oh, another thing: is the left bar part of WB? Or is it Findexer or another program?
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This is really awesome!

I have a small problem but I'm not sure it can be fixed. I'm not using WB, but instead I'm using this: [link] and I get a thin white line between the buttons and the tab bar.
Men, Im running XP, can u pls tell or show your QtTab setup, I just make it look like yours
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i've got vista i#ve installed qttabbarand the programm say its ok, but hen i reboot my computer then there isn't the programm

vista has got net framework3
must i have net framework 2

sry for bad english ;-)
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Nice work, but how to make the dark grey background?
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how do i install this skin?
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yeh, you're right, ';perfect' :)
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how do u get styler to work with this?
my back and forward buttons are not functioning rite when Qttab is enabled!
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what is the left part of the window ...because it doesent look like FinderXer ?
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this is awesome, i just got QTtab and i was wondering how to install the skins?
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For some reason my background is not gray like it should be. It's of the same color as the button. Any way to fix this?
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Looks really cool, great job!
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is it possible to get the close button work?
thank´s a lot, I had the japanese version..
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You're welcome! :)
Glad i helped u.
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yea mine too all that shows up on my settings is boxes instead of letters... so i kind of don't rly know what i'm clicking on lol
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Brilliant!!! this is too good. The only thing is I have no idea how to do this " 2)Three sizes: 100, 150 and 200 pixels wide." my qttabbar is in japanese ...
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Japanese...? I dunno O_o

Options Menu>Appereance Tab

Then customize tab width.

You can download QTTabBar in English here:
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thanks for the link..
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excellent dude! :love:
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