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About Us!

As a group just starting out, it is probably better to place our "about us" section on the front page. So the following is just a little section explaining what this group is all about!

We are a Linux group based around Mint's distro. We invite all other Linux users to our group with no discrimination. The groups goal is to provide support, friendships and as well as a place for all users of Linux to come together to collaborate and share ideas! Anyone and everyone who runs Linux is welcome here!

So please do enjoy your stay!

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Linux Tiles II by xcfdjSe7en
SolusProject 16:9 wallpapers by xcfdjSe7en
Rainy by leoatelier
Celestial by leoatelier
Linux Mint
Linux mint Debian Debbie-beta (LMDE4) by malapetsasc
PLG tor by KOTPA
Paper by KOTPA
Albatross Theme 2 by EtlesTeam
conky-info-V5 by wim66
Conky Et-Bars by EtlesTeam
Strutter ... by yinyang-36
Other Distros
Linux Circuitry 4K DE by theeldis
Linux Circuitry 4K by theeldis
Linux Metal 4K by theeldis
Larry Cow gtk theme by ilnanny
Laptop 08-22-2011 by Jayro-Jones
KDE Epicness by xcfdjSe7en
Laptop 06-14-2011 by Jayro-Jones
Laptop 06-18-2011 by Jayro-Jones
Computers and hardware
Dark Keys by xcfdjSe7en
Hackspace by xcfdjSe7en
The first machine by xcfdjSe7en
My Smasung N149 Netbook by xcfdjSe7en
CD covers, Icons, Stamps.
Speaker Super Bass by ilnanny
Home Sweet Home by ilnanny
Bluefish-icon by ilnanny
TUX by ilnanny
ColourBlades by xcfdjSe7en
I'll eat your hamster by xcfdjSe7en
Pure Stripes by xcfdjSe7en
PolkaCraze by xcfdjSe7en
New Elements - Cinnamon theme - by perj132
DeLorean_Noir-1.5.7 by killhellokitty
Oceanic Dark by rvc-2011
aero - gnome-shell n cinnamon theme pack by rvc-2011


This place hasnt been updated for ages now as you might have noticed :) which is due to varioius reasons - but I think I'm now settled enough to start devoting more time and effort into reviving it - so stay tuned . we'll be back and running soon - cheers !
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Felhur2020 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 17, 2020
Hi Im from Colombia, sorry for my English, I want to know if some body has the THEME or a way for make Windows in Linux Mint  Glassy or Transparent. By now Im using Mint 20, but till now did not find the way that looks transparent.  Thanks 
SSnafuu Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018
I've been using Linux Mint for a while now and I'm loving LM19. Always on the lookout for some cool Minty wallpapers XD
Linuxfan2468 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
I first used LM 9 (Isadora) and thinking back on it: I *really* miss the default green wallpapers and the Shiki-Wise window theme. :(
FabioMorales9999 Featured By Owner May 3, 2016  Professional Artist
Hi I start I skill draw linux mint wallpaper HD

You are happy :D
EtlesTeam Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you somuch for added me to this Club :)
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