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Boycott Windows 8

This is our banner to take action against the Windows 8 secure boot protocol which aim is to prevent users to boot any other Operating System. We believe in freedom to use our own hardware as we please, so we do invite people to boycott Windows 8 and choose the freedom of GNU/Linux.
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i'm still on windows xp, but i use it less than 0.5% of my time
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windows 8 never really caught my attention much really, i'd perfer windows 7 over 8 anyday if you ask me, mac's hard to get use to in my opinion, i may try Linux, which is compatable with TF2 now even though i won't get the Tux promo item though, may give linux a try see how i like it...
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I have learned something new... never liked windows 8 just by its appearence , to 2-D and flat is the silly retro metro screen... I also have heard that people have to pay for windows updates ? I dont know if this is true. But people should have the right to how many operating systems one can boot. I do have a question, can you boot linux on a mac ?
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What's all this about? I dual boot with backtrack 5. What's the problem?
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You can still Dual boot on X86 you silly penguin, and if you mean ARM where was the outrage at Samsung and Apple for locking their boot loaders all of these years?
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Sure, now we can ;) Look at the submission date of this ad ;)) --> September 22, 2011
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Apple and Samsung had locked bootloaders then too....sure you could jailbreak, but its still practically the same thing, and only when MS hopped on the ARM bandwagon (x86 was never supposed to be locked and if you use GNU/Linux you should know damn well how to work in a BIOS be it UEFI or not) was there outcry from the Linux community about the practice.....Well apart from the Stallmanists (FSF/GNU/Church of Emacs/Libre-tards).....Now saying this I use Linux (Bodhi) and I like Linux, but this fixation on Microsoft is and has been bad for the community....besides have you SEEN Windows blue? MS is a worse enemy to itself than the FLOSS community ever could be, all I am saying is worry more the competent assholes trying to undermine Open Source and less about the idiots trying to shoehorn a tablet UI on desktops (English isn't my native language forgive the rough bits)
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Screw W8 and stay on W7 or XP.


Or get mac instead.
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Or give Ubuntu or GNU/Linux a try, it's so cool and easy ;) (and free)
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wat D=<
I hate Microsoft .-. just another reason not to buy Win8...
The only reason why I'm using Windows is that Photoshop, my tablet and a lot of games (except for most of the indie games <3) only support Windows and Mac! At least Valve is developing a Linux version for Steam ([link]) :]
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The situation is becoming better day by day... We have a lot of Ubuntu Linux PCs and Android devices on the market, many gaming platform joining Linux, much more software to choose, etc.
For digital painting on Linux we suggest you to see David Revoy's website, it's full of suggestion and tutorials: [link]
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thank you :D
I already knew his artwork from Tears of Steel and the other Blender Open Movies :3 Sintel was so awesome! anyways, thank you for the link :] I didn't visit his website before, it's really helpful
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I heard Windows 8 was limited. The first time that the Open PC was abused.
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Our opinion is that if you pay (a lot) for a pc and an operating system, you're supposed at least to be allowed to use it in total freedom...
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What the? I didn't knew about that!
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It's about the "secure boot", if you'll buy a Windows 8 PC you won't be able to boot any other OS from CD or USB... Only that copy of Windows 8. They say it's for your security...
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My stick it's for security. :iconfacepalmplz:
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The problem is for those who want to buy a new PC...
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The Fedora team are working on it ;)
It sucks that M$ get to pull something like this, though.
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