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Wow, like Windows 8 and 10 (hated by autorities of most countries for data privacy policies), Microsoft are now a big spy society.

Now, official softwares by Microsoft can install, without your knowledge, with hidden parameters, a bad extentions in browsers and other emplacements.

Keep warning, the gap between Microsoft and bad societies are more and more little. It's like the softwares and bad softwares download platforms websites who add a toolbars and adwares with their softwares installation.

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Always remember this: MS and other similar companies dont make money, they TAKE money (and do not invest it on human ressources, or at least not so much), how greedy they are with their monopolistic views. But to everything there is an end/decline/decrease/fall, even for MS. This is what we can wish for all customers. We dont need MS for everyday surfing, VoIP, mail etc

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