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Proudly Anti-trump

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I can't see his hitler moustache though

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I'm anti-Trump and anti-Biden. Anti-Hillary too.

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I hope he will be impeached and go to prison.
He is making me ashamed to be American!
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Good job crossing out Trump. I fricking hate the guy.

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Anybody but hillary.
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you can vote? hope you dont vote trump.

I really dont know what to expect from USA anymore. Killary is a bomb for Syria. Trump is a dangerous maniac that will be even worse...
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I am curious why you think Hillary would have been bad for Syria. From what I understand, enthusiastic Russian support of Assad in the fight against ISIS is tearing apart that region, and Trump is obviously very supportive of Russia whereas Hillary is definitely not. More importantly, Hillary proposed expanding aid and increasing the number of Syrian refugees welcomed to America despite rising islamophobic sentiment. 

Full disclosure: I don't think she is perfect, but I was a proud Hillary supporter during the election, and I see so many lies about her from right-wing "news" outlets like Breitbart, Infowars, etc sending crazy messages... there was one about her running a child prostitution ring in the basement of a pizza parlor... like what?? lol
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well, the problem started with USA in the region (…) and more USA is not going to be the solution (Trump is doing more USA). We don't know if Hillary would had recognized the fact that for stability Assad must remain in power during the war (…). I heard about her that she support a not flying area. We know how it ended in Lybia. also, it was a politic from right wing for me, so there is no compatibility in that aspect.

Bernie it was the only near my position in the election run. But, anyway, I am spanish so, don't have any influence over that.

of course I don't believe that infamous fabricated news. My distrust about Hillary was about its war hawkish comments, TTIP etc etc.

But I am totally opposed to Trump so... I don't know what I would have done in case I had to decide between them. 

Seeing how it is now, I think I would have chosen Hillary.

But I don't know if that would have been good for Syria.

Obviously Trump is even worse. From the time he is on the Whie House, the bombardements of drones in Yemen have gotten worse and the number of civilians killed have sky-rocket and also the military now targets mosques (that was a no go before).

I am thankfully was not in the situation of deciding. But lets imagine I would have been USA citizen and voted for Hillary. And there was the possibility that Hillary stablished a NFZ in Syria. How I could live with that?

The offensive now in Hama is leaded by Al Qaeda in Syria. You may now very well how disgusting it is. Al Qaeda killed many people in USA. But also in Spain they killed 200 people. How could anyone support anymore the rebels in Syria when they support Al Qaeda?

That is what I wanted to express.

I know that you most probably see things in another way. Everybody has different view in politics, I don't pretend with this message to offend you in any way.
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No you don't offend me! You are just expressing your views civilly, it's great.

By the way, can you tell me what kind of impact a No Fly Zone would have on Syria? I'm not sure I know much about that.
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A NFZ is something that is impossed by force, not by international treaties. It would mean that any plane that cross a zone it shut down. Is the step before a complete invasion. A NFZ in Idlib would mean full support for rebels in those areas. They sell like they are stopping bombarding on civilians. That is how they sell it. But is not about that. Also, lets imagine that USA implements a NFZ and shut down 2 or 3 planes of Syria. Well, would be bad, indeed, would lead to a direct confrontation with Russia. But lets imagine that Russia and USA agree over that at no more planes are shutdown.

That situation would lead to Al Qaeda to expand in Syria forming a second islamic state in there. One of the few ways to content shock trops of Al Qaeda/Al Nusra/HTS (HTS is their nowadays name), is doing aerial bombardement.

Seeing in retrospectively I doubt now that Hillary would ever done that because USA started to target Al Qaeda in Syria before the elections and cut the support for other extremists groups like Zinki. But she defended like she would like to do that...

Although…  said about Trump criticing the stand of Hillary, my concern over NFZ obviously don't come from there, or because I listened to Trump, it was from before.

Also, Trump also said about secure-zones in Syria (although no more have done as far as I know), he is like a compulsive lying.

Anyway that politics depends from more people not only Hillary or Trump. There are too many people behind those things.

And that is only a small aspect in the choose of any person for a president. For me is a very important issue and I know people from USA that commented that was a decisive factor for they voting Trump (!).
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Thank you for typing out all of that information, I understand your perspective better now!
In truth, I do not know very much about foreign policy in the Middle East, but I am always happy to learn more about such things.

The only position I have on Syria that I am confident about is that we should accept refugees, and we should not be afraid that the refugees are terrorists. Most of our terrorists in America are white male domestic terrorists. And even the recent attacks allegedly aligned with ISIS were by "homegrown" terrorists who were American citizens, even born in America. There's no rational reason to single out refugees as more dangerous based on the current data. It's just islamophobic, xenophobic hate, and I don't support that at all. So I support refugees.
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Seeing now the happenings, Trump and Hillary in this topic are very very similar. So I think Hillary wouldn't have been a worse decision than Trump is.
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I totally agree with you on that :D
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Really? Cause Trump was the one that told her not to bomb Syria? 
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hello again, seem you are raiding trump related content lol.
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You the alt of the other guy?
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yes, lol. ;) although those comments are old and if you find something pro-hillary, just have to know that I am not now at all.
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Anti-trump is ant-american
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that is just stupid. Like make america white again. America wasn't white at first. They stealed the land to indigenous people.
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Anybody but trump :)
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