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Potion rainbow juice / good mood generic

via glitch mix assets (org/is): alchemy.7z ( (2) Icon ultraminiSara (OpenGameArt's Mascot) Icon ultraminiOpenGameArt (wordmark) Icon ultra  transformed by Bart Kelsey ( (OpenGameArt's Mascot) Icon ultraminiInternet Icon ultraminiInternet Web Archive (black ver) Icon Icon ultramini from glitch assets ( The Game (2) Icon ultraminiTiny Speck (with wordmark) Icon ultraInternet Icon ultraminiInternet Web Archive (black ver) Icon Icon ultramini

Disclaimer: This image is uploaded in dA as a matter to fight against privative images in emote "Add media". No one should limit the usage of Add media (unless obvious violation of dA rules). So, I provide this adaptions of public domain images. The images are very similar to other private images provided in Add media (because that is the intent) but the source is a public domain image, so no copyright infrigiment is possible.

Public domain Icon ultramini/Public domain
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