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Thank you for making this!
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thanks to you. if you want any icon your can tell me here:…
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cool check this out:  For people
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Using it ! Thank you ! :D
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thanks and welcome. check this For people  for tips :)
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Patreon (animated) Icon Patreon Icon Patreon Icon mid Patreon Icon mini Patreon Icon ultramini Patreon Mobile Icon (animated) Patreon Mobile Icon Patreon Mobile Icon mid Patreon Mobile Icon mini Patreon Mobile Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, square) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, square) Icon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mid Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini Patreon (2017, square) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon mid Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon mini Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon ultramini 
Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon mid Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon mini Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, round) Icon (animated)  Patreon (2017, round) Icon Patreon (2017, round) Icon mid Patreon (2017, round) Icon mini Patreon (2017, round) Icon ultramini  Patreon (2017, web, white, full) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, web, white, nf) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon mid Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon mini Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon ultramini
 Patreon (2017, white,non-official) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon Patreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon mid Patreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon mini Patreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, black,non-official) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon Patreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon mid Patreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon mini Patreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon ultramini Flashy Patreon (new) animated icon 

Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini 2/2 Patreon (2017,wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini 1/2Patreon (2017,wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini   Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon 2/2  Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini 2/2  Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini 
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Thanks for making these! They look great :)
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Nice I used it at my journal. Thanks so much for doing this kind of stuff!
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Thanks a bunch for making this. Super cool of you.
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;) Thanks to you if you use it! :)

I did updated recently the description with useful links. Also I did an animated version, although I don't like it very much.

my pleasure :)
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really welcome :D
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